Terrible wayspots


I’m doing done reviews and I came across this one… but it’s an edit meaning someone actually accepted this… no, multiple people did in fact, and it’s actually in the game?! I have no idea where it is to consider reporting it as an invalid wayspot, but it looks pretty terrible to me. Could this be an example where someone has used multiple accounts to get it accepted?

I’d love to see other questionable edits you have come across - this can’t be the only one!

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Here is a link to a bunch of questionable wayspots from @tehstone Please remove these temporary wayspots created via vandalism


Thanks! It’s funny - I don’t see many new nominations as bad as these, but it’s only these edits now coming through that I’m spotting them!

I had one with grafitti on top of grafitti earlier, I reported whoever submitted it. This has been a eye opening experience. I feel bad for all the reviewers over the years.