The gym was successfully reported and then removed

I am a player who lives at the foot of the mountain. There is a gym and three wayspots in the deep mountain, but there are no residents in the deep mountain at all. Only tourists climb the mountain during the day on WEEKEND.

So I applied for 2 wayspots at the foot of the mountain and met the 6 wayspots rule. I also like the photo of one of the wayspot being upgraded to a gym so people who live at the foot of the mountain can have a wayspot and gym (it’s very remote here and it’s hard to find the destination to apply for the wayspot).

The gym that was upgraded some time ago has been successfully reported and removed, leaving 1 gym and 4 wayspots. As I reviewed the applications for wayspots, I saw an application for a wayspot of another LV14 that moved nearby and then the 6 wayspots rule met the criteria again. Finally, there are two gyms on the mountain, the gym in the foot of the mountain was technically disappeared by some people.

This feels like a malicious manipulation of the rules. I suspect that FLYER deliberately made the gym at the foot of the mountain disappear and the gym on the mountain become two, because only people will go up the mountain on weekends, which makes it easier for them to make money on weekdays, and no one will attack the gym.

Is there any solution?

What pokestops get upgraded to gyms is decided by the Pokemon game it is not a wayfarer issue. If you have evidence that a wayspot was wrongly removed you can appeal it wih evidence, but it won’t affect which wayspots become gyms.

He reports the gyms he doesn’t want, likes the photos of the wayspot he wants to upgrade to gyms in advance, and then adds a wayspot that meets the 6 wayspots conditions to control the gym to be generated where he wants.

I don’t think anything can be done to “fix” this gym situation. But this behavior (if it’s being accurately interpreted) is worth having Niantic look into. If someone is intentionally manipulating the gameboard this way, it would be considered abuse.


you can report abusive behavior in help chat with evidence:

i don’t see anything that proves abuse from what you have posted here.


The abuse form linked above would be better than help chat.

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I am not seeing the abuse form linked.

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oh in the forum headings, not the post. never would have looked at the headings - ty.

i still prefer help chat for any option they do, but you are correct that the report form would probably be better in this situation. those responses come through email and help chat does close out for some people where they never see the result. i don’t have that issue for some reason.

Yeah, I can’t prove it.
Judging from the behavior alone this looks like malicious manipulation.

  1. There are no residents in the mountains. You can see no houses in the GOOGLE satellite image.

  2. No one enters the mountain on weekdays
    (The above two points make me think that no tourists or residents would want the gym to be built in the mountains, so I think it was made by FLYER, maybe.)

  3. Immediately after the gym at the foot of the mountain was successfully reported, there was an application for moving the wayspot.

Are the POIs in the deep montain wrong locations, or are they named like what they are?

Newbie question: does flyer refer to a spoofer?

In fact, Yes. They make a fake wayspot to spoof on gym, this too much for play to win illegal.

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Cheek first, if was not in Ingress.
Do not forget the waypoint is in ALL the games.

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