The issue of nomination appeals is becoming absurd

Now I would like to clarify a few issues about the Nomination Appeal or Niantic’s own unreasonable reviews and approvals.
My community and I have rejected invalid nominations such as a chain of cafes, a chain of bank branches,… and a few nominations that are not interesting or meaningful. .
Here are the names and positioning of the nominations and why we rejected them:
Wayspot: Ngân hàng TMCP Hàng hải Việt Nam MSB
Location: 12.690636371577941, 108.05581428361496
Reason for refusal: Previously attached Bank link, chain business
Link: Mạng lưới
A bank is an invalid nomination, not a place where people gather to play games or stop. Not to mention it has a chain of more than a dozen branches in Vietnam. So why does it deserve a pass?
Wayspot: BAC A BANK
Location: 12.691418612352608, 108.05504138406401
Reason for refusal: Previously attached Bank link, chain business
Link: Ngân hàng TMCP Bắc Á - BAC A BANK

  • A bank is an invalid nomination, not a place where people gather to play games or stop. Not to mention it has a chain of more than a dozen branches in Vietnam. So why does it deserve a pass?*
    Wayspot: Hòn đá cô đơn
    Location: 20.98742678291813, 105.82905025109827
    Reason for refusal: Unidentified, non-fixed object
    This nomination is just a stone tank in the middle of the road, it is nothing special and can be picked up by garbage trucks because it blocks the walkway.
    Wayspot: Biểu tượng Highland Coffee
    Location: 10.900223054483575, 106.78032285858984
    Reason for refusal: Business chain
    Link: Mạng lưới
    This is a cafe with a very large chain in Vietnam. Even though it is a symbol, it is also an invalid nomination.
    It’s unclear how Niantic’s system and moderators made the decision? But now these nominations are invalid and the community has rejected them for the right reason.
    If the community has refused, it means they understand the rules and criteria of the nominations, they are not wrong in refusing.
    I want Niantic to consider the following issues because this is too serious:
    1. Remove or consider revising the Appeals system because it is too buggy and has too many wrong reviews. If the player is rejected and they feel that their nomination is correct, they need an appeal stating the full reason, not just a few lines stating: this is a public place or a place where many people gather, valid and reasonable.
    2. AI review system or Niantic’s own review: Both of these systems approve nominations but do not grasp the nomination criteria. Just let ridiculous nominations pass and the person who passes will use those achievements to propagate to the wrong information community.
    3. Please remove from the game platforms the nominations submitted above or all the nominations that were appealed in Vietnam, especially those that were successfully appealed and are unreasonable as I mentioned above.
    This problem is too serious!!!
    Below are images and information related to the bank chain and cafe chain.

    This is Highlands Coffee Chain in Hà Nội City. And it has more than this in my country.

    This is MSB Bank Chain in Việt Nam, it has 264 Bank like this.

    This is Bac A Bank Chain in Hà Nội, it has a lot of Bank like this.
    Below are pictures of the 4 nominations:

There are many different chains in Vietnam that are still recognized by the community and have become Pokestops. for example, “Hội Trường ” chain (hall). These “Hội Trường " are often closed and difficult to access, only open when there are meetings of people or events being held. Such events are held very rarely, several times a month. and there are many “Hội Trường” in a city.

and this is the number of Highland Coffee in that city

And just one “BAC A BANK” in the city

Coffee chains or banks are still a much easier place to reach than " Hội Trường”. Coffee chains or banks are still a much easier place to reach than “Halls”. In big cities of Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City, there are many “hall” portals. With me, Bank chain or coffee chain is the same as Hoi Truong chain, although it is a business place, it is still an ideal place to approach and play games. The Buon Ma Thuot city community has agreed to have those Portals, because we feel it is reasonable and right. Don’t take your own opinion and say it’s our community’s.

I think you have misunderstood the business chain assessment. You should re-read the reason for the nomination’s rejection in the Wayfayer section for more details.

Because the hall or the People’s Committee is not a business chain, this is a gathering place for the community or residents of each area. Formally, these locations belong to the state government and the state builds these projects not for chain business purposes but as typical locations of each region.

The reasons you talk about business chains like Highland Coffee, Bac A Bank,… the author of the article is right and the whole world community does not recognize it because:
Chain business is in Wayfayer’s rejection section and it has been around for a long time, the criteria for chain business even though it is a place that reaches many people is still not accepted, even a normal cafe. It is also difficult to be accepted if the criteria are not met.
The Bank is also in the form of a chain business, even though it only has 1 branch in 1 province, but the form of Chain Business is calculated based on the expansion of that Company’s branches, so in terms of form, the above nominations are all the same. is invalid and the person who posted the article correctly denounced this case.

I agree with the poster’s views because these are correct ideas, but you should review the nomination criteria before comparing and making uninformed opinions.

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I think you don’t understand Wayfayer’s criteria, the above nominations are all in the rejection category. And I took a close look at the nominations of this region, not because they were approved by the community, but because of a mistake when checking the appeal from Niantic or because Niantic reviewed it incorrectly from the beginning.
Regarding the form of chain business, which is one of the correct reasons for rejecting these nominations, Niantic will make the decision to remove the above nominations early because they are not valid in terms of criteria. No community agrees on the business chain.
And you can’t compare a free community place with chain businesses? It has no similarities and you haven’t made a convincing point to the reader. You should review the criteria before creating a nomination or you will be permanently banned from Wayfayer if you create an incorrect nomination.

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This is the person who created the fake nomination that I denounced in my article. So that’s right!
He himself did not understand Wayfayer’s criteria and only knew how to create meaningless nominations and fake nominations.
It’s funny to compare the Community Hall and the Business Chain, they don’t match up at all


Same Person Same Reason Why this provine is really Fake in Viet Nam


Wayspot location:
12.686895437064482, 108.05479730137971
I have rejected more than 10 nominations for this Bank in Vietnam and now Niantic accepts the appeal for players while this is a bank with a large chain of branches in Vietnam??? ???
This is serious

When our community rejects a nomination that belongs to a business chain, we will select the Other Reject section and clearly state the reason why the nomination is invalid to avoid the case where Niantic checks the appeal but it is ineffective. ??? Because Niantic was wrong and overstepped their limits by accepting this

@NianticLC @NianticAaron please give me reason. This make may community become wrose

These nominations were rejected by the entire community and stated clearly why it was not suitable to become pokestops. So why did Niantic accept the player’s appeal?
I find this very absurd because these nominations do not have any cultural or historical significance, not even uniqueness because banks like this have hundreds or dozens of branches in the locality. in particular and Vietnam in general.
Isn’t it just because the lines of appeal that this is a crowded place and accessible to the community fit the game’s criteria???
We recommend removing the above approved nominations from the entire Game and reconsidering the nomination criteria. But right now the game is a mess with ridiculous and meaningless nominations everywhere

@NianticAaron Please see the article and remove the above locations. These nominations are the nominations accepted by the Appeal and it is not correct. Niantic’s reviewers checked and made the wrong decision

It is impossible to compare a public place like Hoi Truong with inaccessible places like banks and chain businesses like cafes, these are two clearly opposite and opposing criteria.
What a lack of knowledge!
You should review the game’s criteria before making meaningless comments