Vietnam Banks

When our community rejects a nomination that belongs to a business chain, we will select the Other Reject section and clearly state the reason why the nomination is invalid to avoid the case where Niantic checks the appeal but it is ineffective. ???
Did Niantic really look closely at the reason for the drop of this nomination?


This is absurd, my friend! Ridiculous nominations such as Bank or business chain Niantic all accept players’ appeals. This is not valid

This is a post for the community to see, not a place for you to express ridicule and contempt for others. Be polite and respectful of opinions
@NianticLC Dear Sir! This friend makes rude comments and causes trouble with others

This comment is intentionally offensive and provocative to the community!

Thank you for the report. We have taken down the comment. And since this comment is not in the right spirits, I’ll be removing the screenshot in this comment.

Từ từ rồi anh sẽ quen với cách nói chuyện trên diễn đàn này nha em, nhiều thứ mới lạ anh trên diễn đàn anh chưa biết.

Sir, this person is not trying to understand the problem and is intentionally being aggressive in this community post. @NianticAaron

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It’s very hard for me to tell what’s going on here. But the translation of these comments does not seem to be out of line. I think we all need to remember that this is the internet. It is very hard to read intent. And while we do want everyone to be generally polite, it’s OK for people to express frustration. Certain cultures seem to have a much lower tolerance for what they consider rudeness. It takes all kinds of people to make Wayfarer (and the world work).

Also, it is not necessary nor recommended to post screenshots of posts that you think are rude or violate the rules. Just flag them and someone on the moderating staff will handle it.

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I said “I will understand how to talk to each other on this forum, there are many new things on the forum that I don’t know”. I tried to be polite, I don’t know what I said wrong in this comment. In the previous comment, I said “there are 10 such bank portals” and she accused me of being unreasonable.

They are not wrong, all the nominations for business chains and banks that are being mentioned by everyone do not meet Wayfayer’s criteria.
The commenters are making the right argument to suggest removing these local nominations because they do not meet any of Wayfayer’s criteria for the community.

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According to what I read, this friend is “phongnguyenbmt” and the language he uses is translated into Vietnamese. His comments all over the players’ posts were aggressive and inappropriate.

Since before, there have been articles on the topic of Banking being invalid, even this topic itself says that. Do you really understand the nomination criteria for Wayfayer?

While I agree that banks do not really meet any Wayfarer criteria, that is not the issue that is the problem here. People come to this forum to learn. Accusing them of being rude for making wrong statements doesn’t help them learn anything.


Well, Aaron deleted the other person’s rude comment, so maybe you can’t see it. I read and translated it and found it to be aggressive towards the people above.

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I think private or corporate banks might be an invalid wayspot, but what about state-owned banks?

Oh dont worry, that comment has been restored. I think you’re too sensitive. Let’s continue talking about Bank portals

No banks are private is the first thing.
Second, all banks when opened are for business owners to build and they do not have one, they have a chain of branches. It doesn’t matter if your area only has one or not, but if it’s a bank, it’s not valid.
Third, state banks are also invalid.
In terms of form, nominations must at least be of cultural, historical or community nature, accessible to the majority, not a place like a bank, which does not have enough meaning to prove it is worthy. It’s worth everyone knowing and visiting because it’s everywhere

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What criteria does a bank fulfill? Is it a place to explore, exercise, or socialize? Is there something specific about the banks in this area that meet the requirements? If so, it’s up to the nominators to make the case and if necessary demonstrate it. If the community is repeatedly rejecting the proposals as invalid, then perhaps it’s time to move on to other potential wayspots.


As the other person just answered, and according to a few related topics about banks in Vietnam and the link instructions, they are not valid from the beginning. Not to mention it also has a chain of branches across the country.

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