The problem of Fake coord abuse and creating fake nominations

I received a message from my community as follows:

  • If it’s already on top, please inbox me and tell me how to move it. Fake nominations can also be moved. 80% success.
    Below is an image of the message that I translated

    Below are fake nominations because I either rejected them, or somehow they were approved as Pokestops.

    The positioning and location of the nomination are in the figure.
    The problem is that I realized that this young man specializes in creating fake nominations, fake nomination positions for more than ten kilometers. I sent Niantic a few fake nominations that this person created but the punishment seemed too light.
    Now when I checked the messages in the Vietnamese community group and checked in the area where this young man lived, I discovered a Super loophole about the problem at Niantic staff.
    This young man faked an image with a fake location coord at the same time to ask Niantic staff to pull hidden nominations out of Cell. And now this guy is preparing to propagate this issue to the Vietnamese community to deceive and deceive Niantic staff with a fake photo with a fake location coord to pull hidden nominations.
    I think this is a serious issue that needs everyone’s attention and Niantic should consider their system to limit abuse like this.
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