The worst/best edits in the world


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Most of the time I’m correcting bad titles and descriptions!

Just found one the other day that took the description word for word from the business’ website; highly think this Wayspot was ML approved. Last week, I found a candy shop and cafe that just had “Candy” as its description. I now that this shop is a long-time Wayspot, and they have more than candy (their fudge, gelato, coffee are great, and they carry many locally made gifts).

Also, someone keeps nominating utility boxes with artwork on them and putting the art titles like this:

Screenshot 2024-06-26 154114

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It would take me about 19 months to appeal my rejected edits.

That time and effort far outweighs how much I care about the map being correct now :slight_smile:

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I’ve been pretty lucky with ML approving most of mine, with the other edits being approved by the community. And yes, I want a nice looking map, not one that’s weird and all!

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I enjoy it but I don’t care about the map as a thing in itself.

I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t playing Go*

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I like the church one that i got accepted but its not as good as the original photo. My favourite is the photo of the ruined building but its not been accepted yet.

The only useful edit is the description of the bus station because before that the description was just bus. 90% of my other edits is trail markers in a country park that originally said trial marker.


Summer and blue sky changes everything.
Photo edits at this time 100% accepting rate.


Indeed, so many rejections of obvious corrections or improvements. No way I’m wasting appeals when the system shouldn’t be rejecting these things in the first place.

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So many nighttime and car dashboard photos around here. I will keep trying to update the bad photos, even though it’s currently taking 5-6 months if the ML doesn’t pick them up.

The last two I submitted yesterday so hopefully they’ll be accepted. All of the original photos are 10 years old… My versions aren’t masterpieces but at least there’s an alternative.


Yours are SO much better!!! A good nighttime shot can be fantastic, but these were not good :laughing:

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I was asked by someone yesterday why their photo and title submissions to update the pub I had also tried to update were rejected. I said that technically that’s considered abuse and they should remove the old one then resubmit the new one which obviously everyone was amused and bemused by.

For clarity if a UK pub changes it’s title and gets a coat of paint should I remove and resubmit?

Would submitting edits be considered abuse?

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Rather than moaning as I do, I thought I’d better actually join in and add something positive for a change. :sweat_smile:

One of my recent favorites.