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@Trollfarer is also in Norway and can probably help you with this.

I am not sure what you mean by does not work. If this is a school for children, then you can submit an in game report for it. Or use the link at the top here if you can’t submit the in game report.

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Ingress portal link to wayspot







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Quite simple really. It is a poor quality photograph of a rooftop artifact that was demolished months ago. It is a school. I see this type of mistake all the time

I’m not seeing photos or links if you are trying to share. Just some random letters and bullets.

I’m also curious about the school itself. Is it for kids? Or adults? Items in and around a school for adults are fine to be accepted.

Though if this feature has been removed that’s a different discussion.

If it no longer exists, you’ll want to request that the Wayspot be removed. Regardless if it was a school at one time or another, if the item is no longer there, it should be removed.

It is a fake waypoint. It is a skol for children. The misspelling is deliberate. If you look around there are lots of this type of waypoint

Again, you will want to request removal via PoGo, even if it still is a school for children. Items at schools do not meet criteria, nor do schools themselves.

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I know that. But why should i report it through pogo? Niantic should be doing some basic quality assurance. There are also waypoints i have seen for example on the ramp out for ambulances that should not be there

This is the process that Niantic has set forth for Wayspot removal. You do have to go through the app to have most Wayspots removed. If you believe that there was some form of abuse done, you can use the Report Abuse form to see about getting Wayspots removed, but typically Niantic wants players to go through the apps, especially if they don’t have any proof of abuse. Here’s that link:

The only way to have multiple Wayspot removal requests done currently is if the removal is rejected, and then those can be appealed here in the forums in a single post.

It is very obvious for me. The system does not work as intended. That is probably very difficult for Niantic to cope with. There is a waypoint in town that got it’s arm broken off due to good old fashioned vandalism. It got removed for repair. Which is fantastic by me

I think the point i am trying to make is that there is too much spoofing going on, and while it is going on, Niantic will sooner or later discover that their position is unstainable

Since cyndiepooh reported me by mistake or otherwise. In respect to her i am leaving this discussion

But i am back. You cannot keep a good man down

It still does not work as it should do. Just been out to prove it

I did provide the report abuse link, so if you do believe there is wide spread abuse happening in your area and would like to report more than one Wayspot at once, that would be the best route to go. I would get all of your information about the Wayspots first before submitting a report.

Also, I have had to report Wayspots that have been removed a few times, and they have been rejected, mainly due to no or out-of-date Street View. Once I provide a current photo that the Wayspot doesn’t exist anymore when appealing the rejection, it typically is removed.

I personally do not see any abuse when it comes to a Waysot no longer existing and meeding to be removed, if it had met criteria in the past.

Lastly, try not to post multiple times after posting in a thread. Instead, try to edit a post by clicking on the pencil at the bottom of the post. I think that’s why one of your posts was flagged, as multiple posts from one user can be seen as spamming.

Hello @GazzaMor
First please be respectful to fellow wayfinders, especially those that are trying to help.

Having read through your posts I would like to clarify the situation and what the issues are as I am not totally clear. I’m not sure if some of that is because of translation mismatches. You are welcome to post in whichever language you choose. .

Your original post- I have read this as a wayspot that was on school grounds but is no longer there. Is that correct?

Further on you refer to other wayspots on school grounds.

You seem to be asking why have these been approved in the first place. Is that correct?
Wayspot nominations are generally voted on by a number of fellow wayfinders. You are correct, that something on school grounds should not be accepted. Several things may have happened: the nominator may believe schools are ok, mistakes occur, the nomination may have been presented in a misleading way, there may have been abusive voting and manipulation.
Niantic randomly samples a few nominations, it can’t check every approved wayspot, they rely on wayfinders. The system is that if a wayspot is approved that should not have been, if it is shown to meet remove criteria (being on school grounds is a good example) they will remove it. Others have explained that process.
You appear to not be happy with that process? We have to work with the systems the Wayfarer Team provides. If you would like to provide reasons as to why elements of that are not helpful then please give details explaining why, so that if appropriate the points can be looked into.
I get that it is frustrating if you are seeing wayspots that should not be approved but if you gather the evidence and follow the process then those wayspots will and you won’t feel that frustration.


I am always polite. However i can also be bluntly correct in what i say or do. Nevertheless Niantic have now pushed me onto a war path of reporting all bad way points that i come across. This morning i have reported three nonexistent waypoints. I guess that is the new sport for me