Trail marker rejected by Niantic reviewer

Agreed. I usually say it is a good place to be social too, for a small group, since I’m part of a walking group that was set up to give people access to free fitness activities, and I also enjoy walking with friends

Germany’s trail marking conventions sadly aren’t very “Wayfarerable.” They are definitely eligible, but look close to abuse. This is especially awkward during global reviewer events. There usually are five different variants of trail markers.

mass-produced traffic-sign-lookalikes:

Directional signs with trail plaques:

Hand-painted markings on trees:

Stickers on lamp-posts:

On some select trails, especially “branded” hiking trails, there are some trail marker poles which look “way more eligible” but they are very rare:

Especially the stickers and hand-painted ones are a pain to get through the system. The trails don’t change and we have many clubs and volunteers constantly renewing the markers so they are permanent. I also believe that the sticker criterion needs to be overhauled for exactly this reason.
So yeah, tough times for German Wayfarers while our neighbors like the Netherlands just set up poles almost everywhere…

Those all look like trail markers to me, and I’d vote to approve them assuming there’s nothing else in the submission to make me decide otherwise.

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Same. But some other reviewers and apparently some Niantic staff seem to disagree. :sweat_smile:

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They do indeed

Aparrently meeting all 3 criteria and none of the rejection criteria just isnt enough nowadays