Trust Level Weirdness

Ok, but for real? What kind of untrustworthy abuse could I possibly be doing by liking things?! :sweat_smile:


I could think wrong, but my explaination is:
Every interaction (likes, comments, new topics…) counts to “cheers”. And for this cheers there is a leaderboard.
If you raise to the top of this board by giving only likes and not enough helpful content, they perhaps wanted to regulated it in the early user history.

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Uhhuh… I still hadn’t worked out what cheers even were lol :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t2:

  1. i thought that was weird that i got stopped while changing the reaction emoji i applied

2)there are leaderboards? why is everything a competition?


I think is a Discourse feature, not a Niantic’s decision. At least you won’t win something if you are higher or not, I think.

You can found it if you expand your profil. And if you click on the counting number of your cheers the leaderboard will open

ty - never would have clicked that ever

i still have no idea what cheers are lol

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Try this:

where is this? i don’t see anything like that

When you click on expand on your screenshot

You have to click on Expand, then it will appear new information. Look for a place that put: Cheers and a number in orange, click on that number.

is it mobile only?

Also is faster if you just type: https://community. (without the space after community)

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The thing about expand? Is on pc too

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that is the screenshot when i expand. i give up - ty for trying

oh i was looking for the words Global Leaderboard

okay got it. not something i need to understand but i appreciate y’all showing me how to get there. NEVER would have found that

I need to say that with this thing I had troubles too. I needed some tries by myself until I reached that place, not very intuitive.

I know right?
Also, now that I have a better idea what it is, I just find it more embarrassing than anything… Like a competition for having no life lol :sweat_smile::face_with_peeking_eye::dotted_line_face: