Upgraded but not in voting

I applied an upgrade to a nomination, already about 5 days ago, I know it can take some time but 5 days seems a long time before it goes in voting?

I would say up to week is about the timeframe that it can take.
Did you apply the upgrade as soon as you made the nomination? Or had it already been in queue for a few days?
Can I confirm what you mean by applied an upgrade as there are some very common misunderstandings.
Does it say both of these or just one if so which one.
On the profile page does it say you have upgrades available?

It’s definitely correctly upgraded, it has never taken this long before.

And it had been a couple of days in the queue before, I say 5 but it could even be more

@NianticAtlas can you have a look to see if all is well with this one please.

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I see this was not processed. I have fasttracked it. This should reach a resolution soon.


Thanks! In Voting now!