Upgraded nomination automatically rejected for invalid reason

I just upgraded a nomination that I was (almost) sure it could be approved - it’s an example of unique street art. It’s visible on street view from 3 years ago, and it’s definitely not temporary. Not even 30 minutes later, it was rejected without even going into voting. Am I doing something wrong or are upgrades broken?

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This looks like a graffiti tag rather than a mural, which would be considered vandalism and likely to be painted over/removed. That’s why it was rejected as temporary.


As @hankwolfman stated about this nomination. To add, when submitting a work of art, it is important to introduce the author in the description.

As for the use of upgrades, a machine learning program, commonly known as Emily, will determine what should be approved and what should be rejected without the need for human review, and those candidates that Emily cannot determine will be voted on by us, the Wayfinders. Emily’s decision is made within 72 hours after the application is submitted. So it is best to use the upgrade after that time.

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Okay, thanks, that explains a lot! It’s the first time getting auto-rejection from ML with actual reasons and not “wayfarer criteria”. I’m still wondering why did the e-mail say “our community”, but whatever.

I’ll try re-submitting with right info, if it won’t be accepted then it’s okay, I won’t push further.

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