Unable to upgrade Nominated Poke Stop

What are the steps to try and get ahold of someone to fix a bug? I got my first upgrade, but I am unable to select a nomination for upgrade. When I go to the nomination I want to upgrade there is no upgrade button. I tried turning the auto upgrade feature off, on, and back off again to see if there was a change or difference, but alas there was no change. The Help prompt doesn’t allow me to access the information required and I’m not sure how to contact someone. Anyone have any idea’s or run into a similar issue? Thanks in advance!

Hi, could you please share screenshots of what you are trying to do? And do you have multiple things nominated or just one?

What is the status of the nomination you want to upgrade? If it’s in voting, it cannot be upgraded. Only nominations that are in queue can.

Also, if you have the automatic upgrade feature on, the system chooses a random nomination to upgrade. If you have a large number of nominations in queue right now and had the automatic upgrade feature on, you will want to see if you have one listed as Upgraded (it will also have a lightnigh bolt listed).

Here’s some information that may help:

Maybe I’m wrong but I think you are able to upgrade a nomination that is on regular voting.


That’s right @MegaTrainerRed

I do it last week

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Perhaps it isn’t possible for “in niantic voting” which makes sence

Correct, you should absolutely be able to.

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To sum up what does your submission look like?

Does the in voting tag look exactly like this or does it have the Niantic symbol next to it?
Do you have the upgrade and upgrade next buttons?
On your profile tab how many upgrades does it say are available?
Screen shots will help diagnose.

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I’m thinking then that they had the automatic upgrade feature turned on, as they talk about turning it off, back on, then off. Auto upgrade doesn’t allow them to choose which nomination gets upgraded; the system chooses for them.

I bet if they went to Contribution Management, they may see a nomination already upgraded, and their profile would show 0 available upgrades and 1 upgrade applied.

Even though I rarely nominate more than 2 places in a day, I still have automatic upgrades turned off. I prefer to decide if an upgrade is applied or not, not the system.

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Good evening! I dont have screenshots currently. I’m trying to flag one of my submissions to be upgraded. My account has 1 unspent upgrade. I go to the cotributions tab and there is no button present to upgrade my nomination. I’m not sure how to select it to be upgraded to get more attention for review. Any ideas? Is there supposed to be a button to press to upgrade a nomination?

Good evening, it said it was in voting, but those buttons for upgrading dont show up at the top.

I tried to cycle the automatic upgrade off and on to see if it would help, but alas my account still says it has 1 upgrade available. Has there ever been an issue where you cant see the buttons to upgrade on a nomination?

Leave it off to upgrade something In Voting.