What will happen to my next upgrade

As my Nominations was approved automatically, I already set it as " upgrade next" before. So what will happen if I my next upgrade available?

I encourage people to turn “automatically apply upgrades” to OFF in settings, and then you can manually choose what to upgrade next.

I think what will happen if you leave the setting to ON in this case is that your oldest nomination will be upgraded.

I did an experiment intentionally to let a nomination mark “upgrade next” be accepted without upgrading it. The “upgrade next” did take a bit of time to go away, but I did get the option back.

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here is my experiment

Yes, I agree with turning auto-upgrade off, as you do not get to choose what gets upgraded, it is randomly chosen for you. I’ve seen some new Wayfarers get upset that they had this one, got their 1st upgrade, and weren’t able to apply it to a certain nomination.

And this is a good example with ML accepting nominations these days. It may just be time to get rid of this feature.

it isn’t randomly chosen anymore. it is applied to the oldest nomination. looking for a place i can quote that besides the old forum :woman_facepalming:

but that doesn’t matter if auto-apply is OFF

thx everyone