Valid POI removed

  • Wayspot Title: Neptunusz
  • Location (lat/lon): 47.796103, 19.254324
  • City: Penc
  • Country: Hungary
  • Here is the street view showing that it’s there: Google Maps

There is a walkway with the planets of the solar system displayed on the road up to the hill. Now the first planet, Neptune, is removed. The local Resistance agent cannot accept that we can build level 8 portals and he can’t, so he removes the valid portals instead. I think this is an abuse of OPR.

Hi, welcome!
First of all, we can never know who reports something. There is no way of proving these allegations and you might not even be in the right game. It could be a GO player just as well.
The Ingress people and their plotting sometimes, jeez! :sweat_smile:
If you somehow have information that this actually IS Wayfarer (that’s what we call it these days) abuse, you should definitely contact support.
You can do that anyway and try to make them reinstall the Wayspot (not portal), which should be easy if it really was wrongly removed.
Btw the Google streetview is not proving anything, on the contrary it’s a bit confusing since it consists of old user-made photospheres and none of them show the sign that is an existing (new?) Neptune Wayspot just close by your coords.
My thought: The old Neptune sign was dismantled IRL and removed in the games and a new one was put up and that one is now the Wayspot for Neptune.

You are right, that I can never be sure without looking at who submits these removals. But people at Niantic can see them, and that’s the point. They can decide if it is Wayfarer abuse or not. I can only write a post like this so they can look into it.

I don’t know what you’re seeing on streetview, if I open the link I pasted, it jumps right into a photosphere, there stands a silver obelisk which contains a small blue model of a planet inside of it. Nobody was talking about a sign, and there is no “old” sign and “new” sign either. There is just a model of Neptune, which was installed there 2 years ago, that’s when the photosphere was also made. Is 2 years considered old?

Btw here is a close-up of said obelisk (this was the portal picture with 12 votes):

That photosphere is from April 2022.
I pasted your coords to Google Maps and clicked the nearest sphere.

I’m talking about a new Wayspot and sign because there’s a Wayspot there with a different photo but for the same planet.

Edited to add: Yes, 2 years can definitely mean something in Wayfarer and by the looks of it there is a new sign so the old one from the sphere perhaps isn’t there anymore. This is only an assumption, it may be the other way around or something else.

It is so hard for me to get something removed that should be removed that I can’t understand how these faction removals for game advantage happen. I hope something can be done to stop this.

IF they happen.
I’m really not convinced it’s a thing.

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Ok I just noticed the sign and its title don’t match. The sign seems to be for the whole trail (explaining about the solar system?) but its title is focused on Neptune?

ingress players are conditioned to see things lurking in the shadows, most of which aren’t there.

back where I used to live the other team was convinced I targeted their portals for removal to the point where I was confronted in the street by someone who acted quite aggressively. of course the only reason he even knew it was me who had had a certain portal removed was because it required an appeal and that can only be done publicly on the forums.

but of course it’s easy to notice the removal of a handful of portals you care about and not the removal of dozens or hundreds of ones you don’t and decide it’s targeted. and it’s easier to suspect ill intent when that’s the motivation behind your own actions.


And this is one huuuuuge reason to take these appeals AWAY from the public forums. I’m just waiting for this to happen to me too honestly.
Sorry you had to experience that. And we can’t even actually report harrassment etc, since it’s not something we can prove when it’s offline. :unamused:


You are correct that the sign and the title does not match. But that is a completely different wayspot, at the beginning of the trail. And you are also correct that the coordinates I provided was in fact not the IRL coordinates for the obelisk, but that’s where the portal was deleted from in the Ingress game. The IRL correct coordinates of Neptune, where the photosphere is: Google Maps

Do you have any idea why the Wayspot that is a sign for the whole solar system trail has a Neptune title on it?

Well I am not the submitter of it, so I have no idea.

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Why was the portal not on the real object?

Duplicate decision gone awry maybe?

Also a good question, only the submitter would know the answer.

To be fair, i cam see why jngress players would think the opposing factikn would try to remove stuff … because they often admit to doing it lmao

Completely agree with this. Theres a few waypoints i want to remove because thwy are no longer rhere anymore, but are still there on google maps cause that isnt up to date. but because they are used hy the opposing faction i dont want to do it because they will retaliate


I don’t think that about the opposing faction, I just think it about this one guy. If you’d lived in the area, and also known him for the last 12 years, you’d think that as well. That portal was 99% green, very often L8, and only a handful of us ever captured or upgraded it. This guy is the only blue agent in the area (besides his multiacc wife and kids), and sometimes he did the 30 minute drive 3 times a day to destroy only this 1 portal, nothing else. The portal obviously wasn’t removed by us green agents, therefore I think it is not very hard to guess who reported it.

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Thanks for the appeal, @gollam6 We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire the Wayspot.