Various rejection reasons

This is the least helpful thing to get, this is acceptable imo, its 2 trail markers, but i dont know why it was rejected other than various reasons (my guess is the photo isnt great, but i was trying to get both in the photo). Can we just not just get the top 2 like always?

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Forget about that second trail just get a better photo of the thomas muir trail and include this link to the website of the trail and add it to the supporting information if you havent got that in already Heritage Trail
Try and get your main photo to look something like this

I added the link to the thomas muir trail, and the ncn. Im more juat annoyed at what the various reasons are, in case someone is rejecting for something i cant see

The best thing that you can do is appeal it as for some reason its very hard to get trail markers on those blue signs accepted, my best guess would be people are assuming its a directional marker (e.g directions to a city centre) as those blue signs are usually used for that in the uk. It took me 3 attempts to get that big track trail accepted

If you dont have a appeal just try and get a photo like mine and focus on the thomas muir trail

How many of us are trying to submit trail markers for the Thomas Muir trail😂
I plan to try when I’m next up in Scotland.

I I agree it’s probably the photo that it is the problem


See, notmally i would agree about appealing it … ɓut i had an appeal for this very trail tejected for “common signboard” this month lol

Just get a better photo and keep submitting it than

Appeals for trails are as 50/50 as regular submissions. Picture quality makes little difference too in reality, so does level of detail in the submission.

Some of my NCN5 and Thames Path submissions have needed 6 or 7 nominations. Appeals sometimes work, often don’t, and you can submit almost identical submissions that have opposite results. Similarly a high quality very detailled attempt with a great sunny picture can be rejected and your “for goodness sake Im sick of this” basic low effort fed up attempt on the 5th time trying on a dull drizzly grey day will be accepted.

Reviewers in the UK simply don’t like trails, don’t read the criteria, or don’t care. And honestly I am unsure the appeals team know what a UK trail marker looks like enough to identify and accept them consistently since I am often given rejections for them being normal signs with no significance.

My recommendation is to stop trying so hard and stop geting annoyed, but keep submitting them and hope that within the next 6 months you do get them accepted after multiple attempts. Save your annoyance and submit expecting a silly rejection, then be happy when you finally get it accepted. Its the only way to keep from rage quitting if you want to submit UK trails.

(As you can tell I REALLY feel your pain on this one)

If you have nothing much else to appeal then you could try an appeal - nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is an eligible POI and in my opinion it is acceptable. Otherwise try submitting with a picture where the sign is more readable and hope that UK reviewers agree - there are ones that know the signs out there :heart_eyes:

Sadly so few :cry:

And yes completely agree it’s acceptable as is.

If at first you don’t succeed try a postbox instead.

Seriously though it will go through as annoying as it is to keep resubmitting.

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