War memorial for the 59 Soviet citizens rejected

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Kriegerdenkmal fur die 59 Sowjet-Burger
  • Location :51.1209451, 13.9140582
  • City: Radeberg
  • Country: Deutschland

I took the photo on location and then submitted it and it was rejected by Niantic

It is not possible to appeal rejected nominations through the forum. Once every 20 days, you can use an Appeal via the Contribution Management page on the Wayfarer site.

The rejection email says the team rejected it, meaning the AI, or ML, rejected it, not the reviewers.

It may have been rejected by the AI for a few reasons. One could be that it’s located in a cemetery, which by themselves are not eligible. This memorial also looks like graves, and unless they are of historical or significant people who passed at least 50 years ago, they also are not eligible. I also wonder if this has a connection to WWII, as some have had issues nominating them.

I have the information about the

This email template is also used if Niantic staff reject it (as of a few days ago).

The photo does title this as a gravesite for Soviet soldiers from WWII, so being they’re graves for actual people and not a single memorial to all of them will make it hard to get to community review. I can’t say if it would be approved if appealed, either, as graves are typically ineligible.