Discussion about checking for duplicates

If someone asks me what that map is that I have posted, I tell them about iitc. But we have been asked not to use the Wayfarer app so I don’t suggest that. I know you have made it very clear that you do use the Wayfarer app and apparently have had no repercussions. But I don’t want to tell someone to download something that requires you to claim to be a developer to create an account, and is supposed to be going away.


Have they specified that they don’t want us using it or that they don’t want us submitting edits and nominations?

For what though?

That doesn’t say don’t use it.

what part of

is unclear?

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Yes, it’s unclear.

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I’m not sure if that clarification matters. It would be confusing that there is a map, but items nominated either wouldn’t be voted on. Or if they are accepted in Lightship they likely wouldn’t show up in any of the games.

Before I knew we werent supposed to use the wayfarer app I tried to get access to it. I got as far as a very stubborn blank screen and deleted it :laughing:


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That’s on Niantic not on us.

If there’s a map available that allows me to see the database I’m going to use it and share that info with others :slight_smile:

If Niantic want to they can revoke my access if they like.


@NianticAtlas could you please make a statement that is clear to @26thDoctor about player use of the Wayfarer App? I thought the last one was clear.

Waysplained with jargon and nonsense. Thank you

Lol @NianticAtlas can say what they like.

This mentality is why there are anti-theft tags on even underpants in retail stores. “If they wanted to stop me from having it, they would come up with a way.”


Please, reality check in the Niantic bubble

For me, the lack of overview (and the defect toggle in my country language), results in less motivation for doing nominations.

I have had twice a similiar situation, with a nomination marking as dup, but I can’t see it (I only play pogo) and an accepted nomination which isn’t in “my” game.

But my photos are nice, I maybe focus on edits.


It’s frustrating that only one of the two games (Ingress :x:, Pokémon Go :white_check_mark:) that can currently nominate even has the option of the toggle. Even more frustrating that it’s oddly language dependent in Pokémon Go.

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Well there is no view you can even toggle on and off inIngress.
Prior to being an Ambo I used the App to look at what I couldn’t see and to help people.


To be fair, they didnt announce that people shouldnt use the app until after you were an ambo. See the linked message from Tintino above. Q2 2023.

Were you (Ambassadors) requested to stay out of the Wayfarer app?

I think our confusion stems from the Niantic folks using unclear language. There’s a huge difference between submitting stuff in the app (which is non-productive) and looking at stuff using it.

I’ve never done either, as I could not find my way in, but haven’t seen any injunction against using it in a read-only fashion.