Accepted wayspot went into Niantic voting

I had a wayspot accepted today. When I was visiting the Wayfarer site, I noticed it wasn’t approved but instead in Niantic voting.

Last time this happened, Niantic rejected the wayspot that was already approved by reviewers and also active in-game. This caused the wayspot to suddenly disappear. The rejection was then manually overturned after I filed a bug report (it returned to maps and games, but still appears rejected in Wayfarer site). That was a huge nuisance so please no, not again.

Name of wayspot: Kiesimän vanha kääntösilta
Location: 62769458 , 26513278 /
62.769458, 26.513278

Acceptance e-mail:

Live wayspot in Lightship:

Status in Wayfarer:

Thank you for the report. I have escalated this to our team for further investigation. I’ll share an update as soon as I hear back.

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Adding this one:

An update: The wayspot went live in Ingress and I got the key.

Still in voting by Nia in Wayfarer.

I had the same problem about 2 months ago with two nominations, there in the database but on my nomination screen it says that they’ve been rejected. I posted it on the reddit and nianticthib said that there going to always show as being rejected even though there in niantic games.