Wayfarer Medal is not updating

My Wayfarer medal in Pokemon Go is not updating. It has been at 63 for years. I have been actively evaluating again for about 2 months and the medal is not increasing. What can I do against it?

Hello! Maybe is due to your agreement rating, if it’s at poor or the next one (I don’t remember the name in English sorry), they won’t count for the medal. You can check your rating at your profile in Niantic Wayfarer website.

Yeah checked it, this could be it. Thank you verry much <3

I’m happy to have helped you. I recommend you to read again the guides given in Niantic Wayfarer website to be sure to understand the review process and to spend enough time in each review. Also you can go to Review support here to ask for help, I’m sure other people will want to help you. Also, understand that it will take to some times for your reviews to get a resolution ^^

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How can we improve the agreement rating. I’m on poor since I was at something like 500 reviews, now at almost 1726, having 718 agreements (my medal is at 82), the queue for reviews doesn’t walk and my profile won’t go up (one I repeated that training quiz than sent me again to good). I think this system is pretty broken because of trolls

What I can recommend you is to take your time to review each nomination. I’ve been on poor time ago and it was because I was spending so few time reviewing each nomination. Also, maybe reading again the criteria guides will help you to go out of Poor and reach Good! Sorry if I can’t help you in any other way.

Hey! It’s okay, thanks for the tips. sometimes I really do a more careful review, taking a look at the map. Most of the time I do fast reviews because… ye, just because I’m used the criterias (will not say 100% haha it would be a lie). But yeah. I’ll try to spend more time betwwen one review and another