Wayfarer Nominating "Service" Days/Projects

Not sure that’s a good title, we can think of a better one. The concept is not new, but can we think of a way to systematize this work and possibly even get Niantic to “sponsor” it?

What I envision is something like a community clean up day in a park. But this is focused on bringing wayspots to areas that have been ignored.


  • Rural areas, small towns, or villages that may not have enough locals high enough level to nominate.
  • Disenfranchised areas of urban locations that may have some POI but could use more filling out.

Any group of Wayfinders with a desire to help.

Coordinating efforts to nominate in these areas. Taking a day trip, a morning session, a weekend, anything that would involve submitting more than a typical amount of POI in one day.

How Niantic could help:
Review a proposed plan for one of these efforts. If it meets certain criteria (low density area, enough participants, etc), they can:

  • Give each participant more nominations for the trip
  • Top off each participant’s nominations to the max (currently 40)
  • Give each participant unlimited nominations for the day/weekend
  • Help the orgainzer contact locals in the area who can be included for knowlege transfer.

How else can we make this work? Since the success of ML, I’m eager to spread out to help the places that need it.

To add @26thDoctor’s ideas into this concept, he suggests making something like a “project.” Maybe each person only works on their section of the project individually, but the project as a whole represents work too large to be accomplished by a single person. Something like a trail network that covers tens or hundreds of miles through a whole nation. There’s at least one trail like that on the east coast of the US, I believe. I could get behind this idea as well. This would definitely need an online space to coordinate the efforts across the whole project, or at least to track the progress of it. Maybe some sections are worked on by people who aren’t even aware that it’s a larger project…

For those considering something like this:
You will need a good way to communicate with each other - while coordinating the effort, while on site, while tweaking your nominations after the fact, and to keep the group updated about your successes. My natural inclination will always be towards discord. But other messaging apps can be used. Maaaybe you could even use Campfire. I freely admit that I don’t love Campfire, but it could be used as a way to try to reach people in the area.


I don’t have any specific suggestions to add but I want to say I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea and I’m already scouting a village about an hour by train from me that has some excellent Wayspot possibilities that are just begging to be added to the map. Taking a day trip is in the cards for sure, but adding an incentive like some extra nominations would sure make it a lot easier.


This is a great idea.

I was thinking about, after being inspired/cajoled by @elijustrying into mapping the markers on the John Muir Way.

John Muir


Starting at his birthplace in Dunbar I’d make my way up the coast to Edinburgh adding any markers I find, take a few pictures and highlight some of the history, people and places I see along the way that are already Wayspots like this. A little mini blog post on the forum.

Belhaven Bridge

Tantallon Castle


Innocent Railway

The trail from Dunbar to Edinburgh is about 40 miles so doable in a day. The whole trail at 135 miles heads out to the west coast after Edinburgh.

Others could pick it up, do some sections and maybe eventually map the whole trail as a community effort.

Then there’s the as equally stunning trails through NI, Wales and England to map too…

As it stands I have 4 nominations available :slight_smile:

I’ll personally do this anyway but taking @seaprincesshnb’s ideas and having it kick started by Niantic would be fantastic for a multitude of other Wayfarers too.


This is a phenomenal idea and I really hope we can get this in motion!

I really wish there was some way to view selected area Showcases after the fact - I’m always curious to see if my travel nominations make the Showcase, but can never check once I’m back home. My local chat does have coverage in a few cells and posts Showcase photos there, but quite a few areas lack representation.

I’d also be happy to invade an English town for the day, for Wayfarer purposes, with @elijustrying @gazzas89 and maybe @CountKnick if they are feeling suitably Celtic that day.


That sounds like a great group! Jealous!

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You forgot @hankwolfman
Although we are spread out a bit………that is spread out in U.K. terms which to those in the USA is next door :sunglasses:


We could pick a long distance trail and set about doing some sections. Always good for rural locations.
Descend upon a large village, and submit every bench in sight :joy:

Or find one of the many areas listed in the deprivation index and try there.

Soooo many possibilities

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Oops I forgot to mention the requirement of pubs en route

Sorry, I wasn’t sure if they’d want to invade an English town.

They might do if I’m there with a bag of fudge.

Can you shape your fudge like Wayfarer points?

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Now that is just weird fudge comes in blocks.
Don’t mess with it

What is a fudge?

I’m not sure about the logistics of an Englishman invading a place in England, but if there’s fudge involved, I’ll roll with it :joy:

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Exactly what Cromwell said.

Sugar, milk and butter cooked, for a long time, to a certain temperature.


Invented in the US when someone ‘fudged’ their cooking of French Caramels**

Pretty popular in the UK and in Scotland someone accidentally ‘fudged’ cooking fudge so we also have Tablet.


** Maybe true

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OK, back on track, people.

How else can we improve or expand on this idea to help areas that need it?

How do we get Niantic to take this seriously?

I feel like it aligns with this:


The Big Heritage project a few years ago seemed extremely interesting to me and I was very jealous it wasn’t happening in the U.S. While this was a specific nonprofit Niantic partnered with for this event, I think it serves as a good model for the kinds of initiatives Niantic can get behind, and seems tailor-made for Wayfarer.

Yeah, it looks like their Social Impact initiatives focus on working with established Non-Profits, 8th Wall developers who make programs that function in this space, or employee led campaigns.

What I’m suggesting is even more grassroots than that, but I think Wayfinders have proven how organized and systematic we can be. And the kind of people who would get involved in something like this would be “rule follower” type Wayfinders, rather than abusers.

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