Wayfinder rating no longer showing on profile

I only discovered today you have to have a good or great rating for reviews to count towards the pokemon go badge. I started reviewing and my rating went from fair to poor and then didnt show a rating at all. How do i get it to reappear?

There have been a couple of things reported recently.

The first is if you reviewed during the recent Wayfarer event many reviewers noted a significant drop in their rank.

The other thing being reported is people no longer being able to see their rank. I’m assuming you have logged out and in again - and still no love.

I’d recommend reviewing the Bug Reports section and chime in there.

No, only went back to wayfarer yesterday to try and get the Pokémon badge. It keeps disappearing and reappearing. I review a few more it disappears again for a few hours then reappears. Whenever the rating reappears it stays on poor.

I’d recommend slowing down and reviewing thoroughly, as the faster you review, you may be missing things that may be eligible that you’re rejecting, and accepting things that may be ineligible.

I’d take another look at the Wayspot criteria, and get reacquainted. There may some things that have changed since you last were reviewing.


Maybe your edits also counts towards the total nominations reviewed as I’ve described here: Ratings making me sad - they have dropped because of the challenge - #40 by vOor

That could mess up your rating too. I hope we will soon get an answer.

I think the opposite is the problem, i am too particular and too thorough and others are not, therefore we dont match. If i am not sure i skip the review which may be keeping ms from getting to good im not sure.

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Im not sure about that, i hate reviewing, as soon as i get my badge i will never do it again!

You only get 3 skips every 24 hours, and it’s highly recommended to try to not use them very frequently. If I come across a review that I don’t know about, I get out of reviewing, take a break, and allow that nomination/edit to expire.

I have a great rating, and did so during the last challenge as well. When I slow down and take the time, or even take a little break, I notice my reviews are better, and tend to match the community better.

Do keep in mind that criteria does change from time to time, and there have been some changes just in the last month.

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The way you describe it disappearing and reappearing suggests it may be rating lag. Your rating is based on agreements, so after you’ve reviewed a nomination but before that nomination is decided, your rating will go down because the number of agreements hasn’t changed but the number of reviews has gone up, thus reducing the ratio of your agreements to reviews. The rating will then go back up if you were in agreement with the final decision.

Someone who hasn’t done many reviews is likely to see large swings in their ratings after doing a number of reviews in a short period of time. Someone who has done thousands of reviews is less likely to see big swings (unless there’s a Challenge, perhaps).

If this is indeed part of the issue, just taking a break of a day or two might see your rating improve. Of course, this depends on how well your decisions align with those of other reviewers, as others have noted. Reviewing the Criteria Clarification Collection category might be helpful.

Ok, thanks, i would pay niantic money to get rid of that badge from my game, ha ha. Such a pain.

The PoGo badge doesn’t really mean anything anyways. You don’t receive anything for it, except maybe some swag if you’re ever able to make it to a in-person GO Fest.

I am a completionist, having it there not filled in will drive me nuts.

I hate this line so much.

It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t take that long to make an accurate or thorough review, especially with the new rating system. The people who are actually good at this kind of stuff are punished for being able to it quicker OR because other people don’t have the same opinion they do regarding a nomination. It is possible for the majority to get it wrong and it’s actually very common with a lot of the dredge that gets accepted.

It can take a few minutes with some good nominations that might not be on satellite and/or Street View, thus some extra research has to be done to make sure what’s what is actually real and where the submitter says it is.

There have also been some recent changes with criteria, and I feel that some are not following the changes. For instance, there’s been a change with memorial benches/plaques/trees dedicated to a person. If the person mentioned was of significance to the area, and the submitter is able to provide info to this, then they are acceptable. If there’s no evidence of significance, they do no meet criteria and can be rejected.

In the end, Niantic encourages us to use our best judgment when reviewing, regardless of the speed we review at. I prefer to be as thorough as possible, others prefer to be less thorough. I personally would never tell another reviewer that I don’t like that they take their time when reviewing, or make them feel dumb, so choose your words carefully next time.

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