Waypoint is valid but moved to a new location across town

So, as the title says, a waypoint is still valid but the restaurant has moved locations and it’s across the same town. I was told to do a location edit through the forum, but can’t find the correct location on where exactly or where I put the information.

I have the old locations coordinates from IITC and the new locations coordinates from Google maps. It’s also already updated on Google maps which I suspect helps in determining its the correct edit move. Where do I post this information at and do I need to tag any specific person or tag?

You can use Help Chat from the Help menu on the Wayfarer site to do location corrections like this. You can give them the evidence.

They may decide that it is a new Wayspot though and should be removed and resubmitted. After all, it was the original location that was accepted.

This sounds like you should really do a new submission for the new place. And remove the old one.