Waypoint Location Abuse

There’s a city where a bunch of nominations had its original and accurate location changed. Its been years by now that i have been recieving this abuse location changes in my wayfarer reviews, I went to the city and took a look on the portals by intelmap. You can easily see that many portals don’t match they’re location.
Sadly, the city doesn’t have street view access, only the acess highway has. But, you can by satellite image see that the in-game locations don’t make sense.

Here goes some examples and proof of this:

Take a look at this portal, its inside the city.
The portal’s name is “city ​​entrance portal” - when translated and can be seen in the highway through street view:

Same thing happens to the following portal, which can be seen in street view at the same place as the other wooden board.

There are other portals, these were only some of those.

All of these portals have had its locations chage near from each other making this “clusters” of dismatched locations waypoits.

I wonder if there is an easy fix to all these portals locations and if the person who changed the right locations will receve any type of punishments. Beacuse if there aren’t, the locations will keep jumping around.

I think you meant to link to Ingress Intel Map one of those times.

You could fill out the abuse form linked at the top of the forums, if you want.

Please do use the abuse form at the top of this page or in the little menu on mobile.
@CarolFigueiraRS can you assist?

Oi, tu pode pegar todas essas informações e preencher o formulário de abuso da niantic. Eles vão analisar esses locais e tomar uma decisão em relação ao abuso que pode estar acontecendo. Nesse link aqui: Reporting Abuse in Wayfarer — Wayfarer Help Center

Oh, im sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks for helping me.

We have had a simular thing happening in our town. There are probably somewhere around 100 poi thata have been re-located into the wrong location.
But in our city its not to form clusters, but for unknown reasons.
Several of the poi are standing out on roads…
I have started the process of moving them back but it feels like it takes forever to do so, and moust of the poi are moved more then 10 meters.
Is it possible to gather them all in the same abusereport?
I dont know if its the same person doing this or if all of them even are re-located and not just created out of misstake on the wrong spot.

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You can definitely use the Reporting Abuse form at the top of the forums to officially and anonymously bring this to Niantic’s attention. You can gather as much information as you can about specific examples (like the latitude and longitude of the current location of the Wayspot vs the lat/lon of the real world location. In the form you can include anything you think might be helpful in the investigation and they will look into it, and hopefully make necessary adjustments, and if there’s something abusive happening Niantic can handle it.

But what if its not abuse? :rofl: maybe older nominations just been very off?

If it’s all innocent or there’s just a bunch of old location errors that need fixing, Niantic can edit the Wayspots as needed and take no further action.

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