Waypoint rejected but it meets criteria

I nominated this stop and it has been declined because it has been described as a “seasonal business” and “not distinct” it is local art made by people from the community hung to display at guys subs which is open year round and open to the public. I thought artwork in a public place, or local business would be accepted im just confused if its because of the description or the photos

Community Wall of Art

Locally made art displayed in Guy’s Subs

I believe this nomination is important because the local artists who made these can be seen by everyone and everyone loves art made by the community

What you did well with this one was to nominate it as a group. So that if the individual art inside it changes, the group of art remains as a display location.

I think you just need to make the nomination sound more “official.” Don’t take this the wrong way, but it currently reads like, “I just think this is neat.” If you instead could give some facts about when this community art wall was established, how an artist qualifies to have their piece displayed, what the rotation schedule is, is there a judging panel, are the artists allowed to sell their work?, etc all of that goes a long way to proving that this is an established “spot” in the community rather than something temporary. To find out those answers, you’ll probably have to chat with the owner or manager of the business.

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I really appreciate the advice thank you!

Should i put the detail in the description or the supplemental description of why it should be a waypoint?

Description is used for anything someone interacting with the POI would find interesting.

Technical information like “please check satellite because street view is not updated” belongs in the support info. You have to make the decision what is boring support info and what will interest any games players who tap on the description.