I don't agree with my rejection please help

  1. The shop is not generic business because it unquie to our town only.
  2. I can’t go in there be like "people go out need a photo for a game "

I’m moving this to nomination support since it’s about a specific nomination.

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I think your main picture is fine, there are people but no faces and they arent the focus of the picture. Its not always possible to get a picture with no one in especially at busy places, even though its best to try. You could try closer to opening or closing.

I think you need to improve the description and supporting information to explain why it is not a generic business.

So what is particularly special here - why would you choose to go here rather than a different cafe? Maybe they do a special menu, have a particular cuisine, maybe they use local food, maybe they donate to good local causes, or employ people who need a chance? There are lots of reasons why somewhere is a good place for a waypoint.


You can go there when it’s closed though? Or just get a picture of the sign. Unless you’re trying to get a photo of something like the Eiffel Tower, there are usually some times where it’s possible to get a photo without any people in it.

Your description and supporting info definitely could use work if you’re going to resubmit this.

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Yeah photo of the sign works too. Then the supporting pic can have people in if it needs to

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I literally submitted a cafe over the weekend. I waited until people were gone but then an employee stepped in the frame. I had no problem asking politely to step aside so i could get a photo.

Also, your nomination is full of typos. Most will overlook one or two, but this has a lot.


Yeah, people in my town is a bit more difficult then that. Thank you for pointing out the typos. I am not English so try my best to write them English.So that most people can have an idea.

Thank you everyone for the advice appreciate it :grin::smile_cat:

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Hi all ,
@seaprincesshnb , @elijustrying , @frealafgb , @hankwolfman

Sorry tagging all of you. Just want to know if this beter then the previous one.

Yes that is better. I would put it on hold so we can edit a little

The description looks better to me. Although I wouldn’t do the exact same thing in the supplemental info. In there I’d put things like safe pedestrian access, a link to their website if they have one, additional info why YOU think it’s a good nomination, that you wouldn’t necessarily put in the description, something to show it fits one of the criteria - socialise, exercise or explore. If you can’t explain why it fits one of those three, a reviewer isn’t going to assume that it does! Remember - the person reviewing is unlikely to know the area or place nominated, so you have to really sell it to them.

I also think your nomination photo needs retaking. I think you’ve just cropped the other photo - but it’s not a great angle and the sun is shining and reflecting off the sign.

Good luck!


I would put for the description something like:

“An independent cafe and bakery featuring freshly prepared organic food, supplied by local farmers”

For supporting info I would say something like: “this cafe supports local farmers by using their products to create delicious home made organic food for eating in, and delivery. Supporting local farmers makes it important to our community and it is a very popular place for people to visit and socialise over good food. This is not part of a chain, its a locally owned independent restaurant.” Then I would link their website too.