Waypoints disappear after moving

Vorallem Du willst hier erzählen das du öffentlichen Zugang hattest :joy::joy: Das Bild wurde vom Gebüsch aus gemacht und somit hast du iligalen Zutritt auf das Gelände gemacht.

Can we please treat each other with respect, I am considering editing some posts to remove the lack of respect. And any in appropriate comments.
Can people refrain from commenting unless they have specific evidence eg up to date geotagged photos to add whilst this is being looked I to


And btw. Towards the radiactive arguments:
The town Bad Schlema is on top of the worlds largest known Uranium deposit ….
There is natural radiation everywhere. And also warning signs everywhere.
Here an example:

this hut is also on top of a mineshaft, it has a warning sign for radiation on it, and it’s directly at a bus stop.
That’s how that town is. The mineshaft tower we are talking about has the only difference, that it’s still in use for mining aftercare purposes.