Waypoints disappear after moving

Hello guys,
I’ve been noticing something for a while now. If I move wayspots and this is moved into a cell where there is already one, it disappears. The funny thing is that it’s not like that for everyone. There are wayspots that I moved, the next time I synchronized the stop was gone for 1 day and came back as a Pokestop the next day. I also notice that if you move it directly via Niantic, the stop usually stays. If it is moved via the community, it will disappear. That’s what I noticed. But there is also a case of a stop where a pokestop was in a cell with another for months if not years, and suddenly this one has been gone for a long time. I also have a case where I removed a Pokestop because it was permanently gone. There are 3 more in the cell where this one was and no stop has come, I don’t understand that. Why is that so? It wasn’t like that before, was it? what can you do there??? What are your experiences ?

They are supposed to disappear. If they reappear, that is a bug.

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Hey, that wasn’t the case back then and why isn’t there a stop in the cell where I removed the old one? There are 3 wayspots in the cell.

Hi @Firehunter6575
I am moving this to the bugs section as what you are describing is not what is expected behaviour.
If you feel comfortable please add details about the wayspots and location.
If not please say so, then a PM can be created to gather the data.

Hi @ elijustrying
I don’t quite understand you, what do you want to do? What is the point of adding data to wayspot, nothing will happen anyway. What I also don’t quite understand is what you mean by behavior?? I’m translating this with Google Translate regards

I think this is a translation issue. Eli is not speaking about your behavior but about the issue you are experiencing. Remember that translation tools make mistakes sometimes.

So can I repeat the wayspots somehow? if I provide information here?

This PokeStop disappear after moving

That’s because it was moved into an occupied Level 17 S2 Cell. If you can see Capela Nossa Senhora de Esperança in Pokémon Go, that’s blocking the Wayspot you linked to from appearing in game.

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Hello @Firehunter6575 sorry for any confusion caused by translation issues.
There are proximity rules in place for what Pokemon Go will select from the database initially of one wayspot per level 17 cell.
In the past, later location edits of established pokestops or gyms that moved that stop or gym into a cell with an established stop or gym, there would be no change to the status of that stop in the game. This featured was abused and manipulated to create clusters in game. To stop that it is now meant to be that when there is a location edit the cell recalculates based on the standard rules. If this doesn’t happen then it is a bug.
If your wayspots have been moved to the correct location there is nothing that needs to be done. Manipulative location edits to try an create clusters is considered abusive and can result in sanctions.
If there is a cell where there are wayspots and none have become a pokestop - so if I have read correctly the stop was moved out, leaving 3 wayspots in a cell but none have become a stop or gym - then that doesn’t sound correct. Without details of the location and exactly what has happened we can’t help with your specific case.



Hello, thank you for the answer. We have the cell in question here in the picture. There are 3 wayspots in it and none of the 3 is a wayspot. There was previously a Pokestop in this cell which I had removed because it was permanently removed. The 3 wayspots are called “Spielplatz Am KURPARK” (50.6014670, 12.6580695), “Karte Kurpark Bad Schlema” (50.6010124, 12.6579780) and “Lichtloch 15 Markus Semmler Stollen” (50.6015227, 12.6586419). I request that a Pokestop be created again.

We also have the stop “Altes Rathaus” (50.6107249, 12.6782491) which has disappeared and was a Pokestop for years. I request that this be added back to Pokémon GO. Regards

So you are responsible for the flood of bad location edits at the spa gardens?
You openly admitted here, that you are editing only for the reason to get more pokestops. The quality of the edit suggestions is something between random and making it worse. So in conclusion it‘s abuse ….
Then there is also the guy from Toelleberg, who places fake wayspots, and reported valid portals to get a home gym. :face_vomiting:

When you don‘t have a clue what‘s happening after editing, then stop it and let me do the location edits.


Wayspots do not need to be available to everyone. For example parks in gated communities are eligible as the people in the community can access it without trespassing. Places in businesses are similar. If the object itself is eligible and placed accurately for its real world position, there is no reason it should be removed or moved.

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Please remember to treat all community members with respect, even if one has personal differences. Wayspots within businesses that are not open to all members of the public are still allowed, and eligible, as long as someone can access that Wayspot legally. A Wayspot within a secured facility or restricted area does not mean that people should feel compelled to trespass to access, or adjust location so that the Wayspot is more easily accessed by the general public.


This wayspot was located on a company site with radioactive radiation. You had to enter the site in order to be able to hack into the portal in Ingress, for example. It also says explicitly on the gate that access is prohibited!

The wayspot was created during a time, when the criteria said clearly, that company ground is fully valid for wayspots. There was an AMA about that.
Also the person, who reported it, thought it‘s valid, because they resubmitted it with my picture and text.
Any further attempts for excuse?

Here my old submission:

Here the resubmission with stolen pic and text:

And ad hominem pseudo arguments …. Come on ….

But people who do have access ie people who work there would be able to access it ie playing during their lunch break.

Of course I dont know the details of this but presumably most areas of this site are safe as people work there. So that would not necessarily make something ineligible. Often these kinds of sites have strict security but have large workforces and places for staff to take breaks etc.

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We don’t need to talk about this old portal now; it was personally removed by Niantic after examining several anonymous tips with evidence.