Wayspot closed

The actual wayspot closed, it changed.
So i uploaded a new photo and it need to change the name too

You are not supposed to do that. The correct method would be to report it and submit one for the new object.

Hi, as mentioned under your previous post, unfortunately this is not the kind of edit that will be approved by the team on this forum. Wayspots are not just a building or a set of coordinates or a wall, they are attached to an object that comes with a set of eligibility criteria that can change when the object changes.
It looks like the previous business closed and the building changed to a crêperie. From looking up where “La Crêperie du Sébasto” is located, it seems like “In Real Life” was a bar. So the new wayspot cannot just be the previous one renamed to the other and the new one would have to be evaluated on its own merit. The correct avenue is to report “In Real Life” for removal and, if we think the new business could be eligible, to nominate the new business as a new wayspot.
The good news is that the crêperie probably has good eligibility chances as, for example, a great place to socialize or a great place to explore interesting food. Do let us know if you need help with reporting the previous one or with nominating the crêpe place.


What a perfect explanation!

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I suggest first submitting the new one (knowing it will not show up in game because of the old one). Once the current thing is in place, then request deletion of the old one. The new one will show up right away in its place. (But if the old one was a gym, the gym designation will probably go to something else.)

Niantic wants to purge any scans that were made of the old thing. And get scans of the new thing.