Wayspot edit doesn’t show the option for a description/title modification

As you can see from the pictures, when I try to make a Wayspot edit, it only lets me choose to edit the location of the Wayspot, but I wanted to make a description edit. Am I doing something wrong? I tried both on my iPhone and on my pc.

Hi, this is the help chat feature for location edits above 10m. Text edits can be proposed in either Ingress or Pokémon GO. Let us know if you need help doing that in either game.


Hi @fedobear

You can only make edits for wayspots ingame (pogo or ingress).

Ok I get it now. The only problem is that the Wayspot I’m interested in making the edit is quite far away from me right now, is the only option to go back there or can I do it remotely?
(I’ve submitted the Wayspot from Pokémon go, not sure if it makes a difference, also I don’t have an ingress account)

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You have to go there to edit it unfortunately

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How egregious is the text error on your submission?

I accidentally did this typo recently but fortunately Emily has only learnt to count up to three at the moment. The next time I’m passing I’ll put in an edit but I won’t go out of my way to do it.

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It’s not bad, I used an Italianized version of an English verb instead of the proper Italian verb. Brain fart moment

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