Wayspot follows rule but not in game

I had a wayspot accepted a few days ago (Jun 21, 2024, 1:30 PM est ). I see it in Ingress. I also see that it follows Pokémon Go’s inclusion rule / it’s located in an unoccupied cell. It’s not on any type of area that would be blocking pokestops. There’s others around. It’s a public resort area.

Has anyone noticed stops not syncing in Pokémon Go? Any other reason this can happen?

Are you willing to share the Wayspot location so it can be looked into? I haven’t heard of any sync issues lately.

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If you’re checking it using IITC or the vanilla Ingress map, just remember that certain wayspots can show up in Pokémon Go but not in Ingress, meaning you won’t see them on the IITC map unless you manually add them (you can’t manually add them to the vanilla Ingress map, obviously).

Usually this is the reason why people think they’ve got a free cell when in actuality they don’t. The second most common reason is to do with sponsored locations.

If you provide the name and coordinates of the Wayspot, we’ll be able to check what’s going on.

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Community Firepit & Games at Marriott Grande Ocean

32.136910 , -80.760486

It’s in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as Marriott Kiddie Pool. The pool is within 20 metres of the Loquat Tree so that’s why it’s not able to appear on the Ingress Map.

that’s was the submitted location; I can’t tell if it shifted some. You might be right now that I look at Ingress closer - I don’t see where the Marriott Kiddie pool is on it. I guess it is on the same pogo cell area then. darn :confused: thanks.

Your nomination is exactly where you said it was. It wasn’t moved. The Kiddie Pool is located at 32.136966, -80.760751

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Ah, okay. Thanks for the help! I was completely forgetting about the Kiddie Pool one when I was looking at the Ingress map.