Pokestop approved, not sharing a cell, but still not appearing in-game

Hello! I was talking to another player in my area who submitted a wayspot roughly a year ago; their wayspot was approved, and it does not share a cell with any other stop, but the wayspot has not appeared in Pokemon Go. I was able to investigate and confirm at least for myself that what they’ve said is true. The title of the stop is “Chelsea Curvy Playground”. Here is some evidence,

The user has tried to resubmit the Pokestop to “force” the game to recognize it, but those of course have been rejected as duplicates. I don’t play Ingress but have checked the intel.ingress.com map and it appears to be present there.

I’ll happily provide any more information that is necessary, as I am able.

this link just took me to the map, not to a particular portal. can you give the portal link or an address?

This is my first time here, so I can certainly try :slight_smile: does this link work…?

yes that worked and welcome! looking now…

This does appear to me to be something that should show in Pokemon Go. @NianticAaron would it be possible to check on the status of this Wayspot? Have there been any property owner requests to remove Pokestops?

It should be a public park in a new development area. To my knowledge it has never shown in-game so shouldn’t have been possible to have been reported by anyone. Thanks for the confirmation, Cyndie!

Does “The Iron Apple Tree” appear in pogo?

And is a nearby wayspot called “The Iron Apple Tree” in Pokémon GO?

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This Wayspot is not eligible to appear in Pokémon GO.


I am not in that area so I will ask the user who raised this question to me, and post back.

Hi Aaron! Is there a reason for that?

If the tree is in pogo, because that would make the other wayspot not meet inclusion criteria.

I can’t see the other wayspot either. didn’t think about one being so close where the area is so empty. but at least we got a concrete statement

the ambassadors and other developers have access to an app of all wayspots. i wish we all did.

Yeah, I definitely can’t quite wrap my head around how one of these ends up in Ingress and the other in Pogo. Maybe they got accepted on the same day? I didn’t check that.


Yes - are you guys seeing this other wayspot “The Iron Apple Tree” in your investigations, even though I am not? That would definitely explain things. I’m not sure why that one wouldn’t be showing in the ingress map or in my IITC Mobile app.

It does not meet inclusion rules for Ingress because it is within 20m.


app showing all wayspots for all wayfinders when? thank y’all that have access for sharing what happened


I appreciate everyone’s assistance here :slight_smile: Thanks and take care.

Yep! Not exactly the same day, but the first was accepted after cutoff for the day and the second before cutoff for the next day.