Wayspot lack safe pedestrian access #2

  • Wayspot Title: Northumberland

  • Location (lat/lon): 37.913250, -76.433750

  • City: Heathsville, VA

  • Country: US

  • Screenshot of the Rejection email:

  • Additional Information (if any):
    This the second of two wayspots I noticed the other day. The information is largely the same - it is a historical marker, but located on the shoulder of a busy, 2-lane highway with no sidewalk, and no where to park and walk to it, unless you park in someone’s private driveway across the street and run across the highway. The only way to interact with it would be to slow down while driving and hope you don’t get hit.

Hi @Leedle95! It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted through in-game. At this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

@NianticLC Can you not read the attached email? It was here that I was told to use the report form if you could not submit in game.


IT IS NOT SAFE to stop at the wayspot to report it! I don’t want to get my car rear-ended by stopping on a highway, or risk getting shot at if I pull into the private driveway across the street (this is the country, yes people do that) just to try to submit the report because you all have now decided to ignore your other reporting method.

The wayspot is clearly eligible for removal and the evidence in right here. What is the problem???

This space is reserved for appealing decisions on in-game reports because there is no Way to provide additional information/context in the in-App reporting system.

I see that you have reached out to the team through the removal webform/ help chat. Please provide any additional information/context you have in the same thread and the team will review it in light of the guidelines.

Except the person submitting the report gets an email that says….submit any additional evidence here.

Which is exactly what I did, and what you have in this thread.

I am using this appeal process because, surprise, surprise, the Niantic team ignored blatant evidence and refused to remove a dangerous wayspot.

Seems to be an epidemic of bad decisions right now by Niantic (as evidenced by all the threads with the same frustrations).