Wayspot not appearing despite being in its own S2 Cell?

Hi all, As the title says a wayspot I got accepted a few years ago has failed to appear in Pokemon go despite being in its own S2 Cell?

It may have been moved by reviewers during review if they thought the placement was wrong.

If you provide coordinates, happy to look.

58.593715, -3.393974, this is the coordinates on wayfarer

I assume it is Lion Water Pump.

It is in the same cell as Olrig Church of Scotland which I assume is already present in Pokémon GO.

Oh interesting, It seems like the church was amended

What map is that btw?

It is IITC, which uses the Ingress Intel map.

I don’t know which map you’re using but if it’s from user submitted data it may be unreliable.

Oh id be intersted in learning how to use that!

Play Ingress and you can view the map at https://intel.ingress.com/

There are some guides online for then how to set up IITC if you want to view other details.