Why my Wayspot not showing after a week of approval

My Wayspot has been approved more than a week but I still haven’t seen it on the Pokemon Go. Please advise! Thank you!

It may be because of this


This is the important bit if you don’t want to read through all the other garbage

Feel free to post the co-ordinates if you are ok with that and someone will check to see if it has synched to the map.

You could install IITC and pogo tools to see most Wayspots with an S2 cell overlay if you want to check for yourself.

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Thank you for your information. The stop is located at (33645117 , -111973019). Please let me know what you found out. Thx again!

Is it one of these?

On IITC you can see they are both in the same cell so only one will show in Go.

Yes, it’s one of those. No wonder I can only see 1 on Pokemon Go. Now I have learnt something new and thx for sharing this information with me.

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