Aproved Wayspots But not Showing Over A year!

Does anyone Knows what is the reason PokeSpots Are aproved but not showing on map?, Id like to know. @NianticLC What is going on?

Or maybe it just doesn’t meet inclusion criteria.

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If it was approved a year ago and didn’t appear, then it’s likely in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as an existing Pokéstop or Gym. If you want to provide the names and coordinates of the wayspots, we can help you check and maybe give you a visual explaining what’s going on.


Hi! Unfortunately, getting a nomination accepted doesn’t guarantee it will go into a specific game. I know I used to get really disheartened until I read up on the rules around the S2 cells and Pokemon Go. In a very basic summary - the world is chopped up into a grid. Each level made of smaller and smaller grid squares. Pokestops have a rule of no more than one per level 17 cell. There are then a maximum of 3 gyms per level 14 cell. A level 14 cell contains 64 level 17 cells. I think a level 17 cell is roughly 80m square.

If your nomination happened to fall in the same cell as an existing stop or gym, unfortunately it won’t go into Pokémon Go unless that stop or gym is ever removed (or the criteria changed).

If that doesn’t make sense, google Pokemon Go S2 cells and you should find some websites that can explain it better than me. These days I use a website that shows me the cells and where the Pokestops sit - so that when I look to nominate something, I can see if I can expect it to appear in game or not. Sometimes this helps me be strategic in placing the pin - for example if it’s a building, maybe the side or rear entrance instead of the front (if still accessible to the public), or where a sign is rather than the door, etc (but still all within the area of the building). If it’s on the edge of an occupied cell, it makes sense to place it in a way that will benefit you! Please note that placing the pin away from the actual nomination is considered abuse - but some places are large enough that there’s more than one spot to drop the pin!

Good luck for future nominations.


Why hasn’t my approved POI shown up in my game yet?