Wayspot removed again by opposite faction

This wayspot has been in the game for a pretty long time. It was removed maybe a month ago and I submitted it again. It was ACCEPTED immediately, but now the new one was also removed. Please restore the wayspot and make sure you punish the person/people who reported it as invalid. It is totally real and meets all criteria for uniqueness.

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It seems to be in the road.

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Nope, it’s not on the road. Look at the street view pic. It is next to the parking entrance barrier. You can park and lock your bike right behind the sculpture. See the green metal brackets on the floor behind.

The location given is in the middle of the road. It should actually be around 42.659608065900834, 23.284808057549558, as I can see what looks like the bike rack from satellite view there. It’s not on Street View, which was last updated in 2019.

So, this is not a sculpture. Its a bike rack. Please explain how locking and parking your bike meets any of the criteria.


Yes, I mentioned that it is not on street view, but it will be the next time they update the area. Here is the satellite view you mention. The arrows show where the cars go (two more parking entrances/exits next to this one. The lines show the parking barrier and the circle shows the spot where the sculpture is. It is next to the entrance, but cars don’t go through there unless they start flying. I’ll add some more pictures later. But it’s clear that the sculpture is not in the middle of the road. I think it was removed because it’s still not on street view and whoever reviewed the removal request didn’t have many options to work with. Probably if they saw that this is the second time the same wayspot got nominated for a new portal and got approved, they would have acted differently. Thus we need to go through this arguing right now. :slight_smile:

Nope, read carefully. The bike metal racks are behind the sculpture on the ground where you put your bike. The sculpture is in front and is a unique looking metal structure made by an artist. So it definitely meets the art and uniqueness criteria. Not sure why someone would argue about something that obvious. Is it there? Yes. Is it art? Yes. Is it unique? Yes. I don’t think you need anything else to say that this is a good candidate.

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I could bet money it’s put there as a part of the bike rack. As a sign/indicator, enclosure or protection for the bikes locked there. We have similar ones all over town, with some shaped as cars and some as bikes. I see them as infrastructure made a bit more fun to look at, and not as art.

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Well, for me this is art and it’s unique. Doesn’t matter if it serves a public need or not. Still unique and still art. I hope you’re an art director or something similar to call an artist’s work “just normal infrastructure” :slight_smile:

It’s not a unique sculpture though. It’s a mass produced item. It’s very charming and enhances the bike rack area, but it’s something that should not have been accepted in the first place. These are literally on sale for 497 Lev from the manufacturer.

Even if we go with the premise that it’s art and not infrastructure, it’s also jumping to conclusions to assume that this was a malicious removal by the rival faction. It may we’ll have been an independent person playing Pokemon who recognized it for what it is and reported it for removal.


Nice try :slight_smile: A lot of other stuff you can actually byuy from the manufacturer. Like ornaments, painted glass murals, street signs etc. Should we remove these as well? This is designed to be different and it is unique in the area. Thus it meets the criteria and doesn’t matter if you can buy it or not. But thanks for the input. I understand you’re trying to support your team.

FYI: not everyone here plays Ingress; I myself only play PoGo. Not everyone here is from where you live, and they may not have any issues with opposing teams/factions in their area. Accusing others isn’t a good look.

Also, none of us that have responded are admins, so we can’t make any decisions on this. All I did was help better locate the object and its correct coordinates, which may be helpful to the admins. They will review your appeal and eventually make a decision.

These are just games, not real life, so it’s best to not get upset. Take a deep breath and wait for the decision.


I am accusing others, cause this happens a lot in our area. People play the game like it’s their life. I decided to give this a try, cause to me it seems unjust, having in mind how many useless graffiti and scribbles on walls are making wayspots. I know you’re not admins, but I have no idea if your opinions can influence the admins and their decision, so I need to defend my position. I’m not offending anyone. Thanks for keeping the discussion civilized:)

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no room to congregate, this clearly isn’t a spot that’s meant to be a safe area for pedestrians to linger.

and as others have stated, it’s just a bike rack.

spamming ineligible wayspots can lead to consequences fyi.

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Thanks for the warning. I think I know the area better. Also, you say it looks dangerous for pedestrians, but then you become one after you leave your bike there. So safe to leave the bike, but not safe to walk back to it? Sounds logical LOL

seems like you didn’t even read what i said.

if there were a road with a small median and a crosswalk that went through the median i wouldn’t accept a wayspot there either. yes pedestrians walk past it but it’s not a safe place to linger or intended for that.

safety is a gradient not a yes/no. in my opinion this fails to be safe enough to be eligible considering you’re surrounded on 3 sides by car traffic.


I disagree. People walk next to it freely. It’s VERY small street and all parking exits are with a barrier. So you can’t drive fast and put people in danger. And, of course, there is no special sidewalk, cause this is a parking entrance but it is an entrance for all - cars, bikes and pedestrians. You can soo on the new photos I’ve added. We have tons of highway or railway graffiti, which are way more dangerous, but nobody removes them. That’s the game’s problem.

I appreciate that the OP’s may be a rather weak nomination, if it is a piece of purchased street furniture that is used to mark a bike stand.

Don’t you think you’re getting into the weeds with the safety angle, though?

From left to right, you see a large planted area, a wide sidewalk, a gated driveway, a sidewalk, a low rail, a bike stand area, a concrete wall, and an auto ramp.

Drivers cannot race through the gates, and the pedestrian areas are raised and have barriers so only walkers and bicycles traverse the parts that are not driveways.

Is there some guideline requiring three times the normal pedestrian allotment of sidewalk?

I thought any place that was safe for pedestrians passed the safety criteria.

Are you reverting to the ravening hoards three-hundred raiders scenario? Why?

If i were reviewing and came across something like this i would think long and hard about whether it was safe enough

and i can easily see niantic erring on the side of caution.

the orange area i drew is roughly the amount of space you could stand with cars on all sides though at least yes there is a fence one on side and the gate on the other.

i don’t think any of the other items you mention “from left to right” really matter in this context.


Keep in mind, despite not needing to be concerned with “ravening hoards of raiders,” we are building a map for an AR experience which by reality of the game means encouraging people to be using their phones at the location - whether on foot or by vehicle if on a shared access area.

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