Wayspot title edit accepted but not implemented

A few months ago I sent an edit to wayspot title which was accepted but was not implemented. Today I resent the edit only to have it rejected. On the email from Niantic thanking me for my edit, I notice that my original edit is, in fact, the title held on record. But why does it not show up in the game?

When did you get the email that your edit had been accepted? There have been some sync issues around a certain time period and this may need to be added to that investigation.

Hi, I attach my Wayfarer acceptance for the original edit.

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Thinking this is a sync issue, as Lightship has it as Nature’s Recyclers.

Others have been reporting sync issues here:

Hey @HikerAnn, this does not seem to be a Wayfarer issue but a Pokémon GO sync issue. However, I have made some adjustments to the Wayspot. Please check in a while, if it reflects the approved Wayspot title in the Pokémon GO. If it does not reflect the changes, please reach out to Pokémon GO in-app support.



Thank you very much. I will check the wayspot next time I’m near it.