What is up with upgrades?

I know this is only a couple weeks old but I already have four noms approved and a couple in voting since I posted this, so I’m wondering if there’s something I did so my “upgrade” had the opposite effect. Why have upgrade if it takes longer?

I did search topics and couldn’t see anything, sorry if it’s already been covered! Other info 1: there used to be a fire station at this location. The fire station closed years ago, prolly four years or more I forget, but the waypoint remained. 2 I deleted the fire station waypoint before posting the church and deletion was approved. 3 As you can see from second pic, church is already there on Google maps, I thought this would be a shoo-in. Thanks for any help and peace.

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Ahhh, I was searching in “nomination support” because as a relative newbie I didn’t know if this is a bug or not…

Just to a general forums search, but if it’s an issue, most likely bug reports is your best place to look first.