Upgrade Issue

So I have submitted a stop and have upgraded it but it’s been more than 2 weeks now and it’s still “in voting”, while I do understand living in the Middle East might contribute in it being slow but I have had upgrades that took literally 2 days if not less…


There already is a thread in regards to this here:

I see that your nomination is in voting and gathered a few votes. It needs some more votes for it to be decided.

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Could you confirm you mean it’s been in voting AND upgraded for 2 weeks, or was the upgrade recently applied?

Do you remember when? During some of the Wayfarer review challenges, countries all over the world reported faster turnaround. Additionally, you imply some being as fast as 2 days, but what is typical for you?

Hiya! And thank you! :slight_smile:

Yup when I posted that nomination I already had an upgrade ready, which I used the moment it dropped into voting, it seems it needs a few more votes judging from the Niantic team reply, just didn’t expect it to take 2+ weeks at this point.

And yes fast nominations like religious buildings and local coffee shops etc, I’m pretty sure I didn’t use an upgrade for a religious building which got accepted within 2-3 days tops


I know you just looked at this, but doesn’t that seem like unusual behavior? Can you verify it has actually been seen by the “upgrade” reviewer pool, or has it been grabbed by Niantic’s reviews system?

@xPeachyxPeachx are you comfortable sharing the rest of the details?


I think the question above was whether you can share the entire stuck nomination, if comfortable doing so :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I don’t think there is much to it to be honest, I nominated a spot, it got into voting, I applied the upgrade and 2-3 weeks later and still in voting.

I believe Gendgi was asking whether you’d be comfortable sharing the full nomination before it is accepted or denied so that the community can try to see if there is any pattern to when upgrades don’t seem to work properly (perhaps some word used in your supporting info or description).

Obviously, a Niantic employee has already looked at the full nomination and believes nothing is wrong, but the community has generally come to expect that upgrades in most areas complete far faster than yours has. Unfortunately, sometimes the community needs to provide excessive documentation to demonstrate what should clearly be a problem.

If that’s not something you’re comfortable doing, no worries! It’s just unfortunate that Niantic continues to assert that upgrades which haven’t resolved after 2-3 weeks are “working as intended”.


Yes, “sharing the full nomination” means “sharing screenshots of it in its entirety, including photos, text and supporting info”, but again no worries if you don’t feel like doing that. (this is not me insisting, this is just me trying to explain what the suggestion was)

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Yes, it has been seen by the upgraded pool.

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