What is with all the exact duplicates?

Same title, same photo. Are these ones that have been decided already before we got them to review?

I don’t want to mark them duplicate and put another copy of the same photo on the Wayspot. I don’t want to reject them for the photo and not get an agreement. Thank goodness for all the skips.

{Edit: I just remembered all the challenge counts that got rolled back previously that were tracked back to the nom having already been decided before the vote was submitted. I am definitely skipping these exact ones!}


I was thinking the same. I have never seen so many duplicates.

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Same here, it tends to be mostly what I would think of as “high quality” wayspots. Don’t have any problem marking them as dupes though.

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I was marking them all as duplicates, because they are duplicates…

If i get punished for that then that will be awful

Some are duplicates in sparse areas too, so surely they would have already been in games and the only waypoint in the immediate vicinity



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From 106 reviews I’m at about 60 duplicates, 5 that are not already added with the rest being edits.

At this point if it’s not an edit I don’t even bother looking and just scroll to the map…yep there’s another.


Perfect example. I think this had already been decided before you (and I) got it to review.



Your comment made me go find an example to screenshot… didn’t take me long!

So there’s no way that is a real duplicate, i.e., the submitter submitted it when it was already there.

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Same… was translating everything as I went and then realized I needed to scroll to check for duplicates first.


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What is that view?

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Urm, just got one in the same area, basicaly next to the same item as before?!

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that looks like Wayfarer Review History Table from wayfarer.tools
i have it installed but i don’t like seeing all that so i keep it turned off

hmm i don’t see it there so maybe i got it from the WDD discord

You can install from https://wayfarer.tools/ or directly from https://github.com/tehstone/wayfarer-addons/raw/main/wayfarer-review-history-table.user.js

The rainy one to the right?

I had no idea that was a thing.
I’m reviewing on mobile with no changes to the basic view.

Well, that too… no I meant the grid of review history!

Sorry, I thought you meant on the duplicate map.

That is Scenic Viewpoint - Rainy Day In Tokyo with bench.

The list is from I think @tehstone 's Review History Table.

On Android mobile I had to install Firefox Nightly then Tampermonkey to get the scripts to work.

That sounds far too complicated for me :laughing:

It was relatively easy tbh.

If you haven’t used the https://wayfarer.tools/ before it’s difficult to go back to the normal system.

They are not only well done but made by people who actually use the system so immensely useful too.


They are the ones who came up with a challenge counter before Niantic did, and some Niantic folks actually recommended installing it. I have no hesitation in using these tools as Niantic is well aware of them. The tools Niantic says NOT to use are ones that control how you vote, and nothing they offer here will vote for you. They just help make it easier to review.