What is with all the exact duplicates?

I remember reading somewhere in the old forum that because nominations in Japan often got stuck / black hole’d, what japanese nominators would do is upload the same nomination many times in the hope that eventually one of them would pass. I think it’s something like that

I just sat down to do some reviews and I’ve gotten duplicates related to Ikki Kita’s gravestone six times already. I also got some of these nominations earlier this morning. There’s been a ton of duplicates so far but this particular walking trail takes the cake.

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I think these Wayspots were submitted multiple times so this would be an abusive behaviour. I mark them as spam.

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yes too many duplicates this morning yesterday there wasnt any duplicates.

I didnt spam the “2” nominations niantic said I made on Friday but one was approved by the AI and then a copy remained in voting for days.

I wonder if this is what happened here?

It maybe also that several local trainers all submitted it and waited so long they tried again when they heard the AI was helping queue times/heard about the challenge?

I dont think abuse is the only answer so Im just voting duplicate and moving on


I feel it’s those that just couldn’t wait for their submissions to be voted on, so they thought if they submitted it again, the first submission would get the additional votes from the new submission, which isn’t true.

Or, and this is the simpler explanation, some forgot they had already submitted, don’t check Contribution Management on the regular, deleted the submission email, so they resubmitted.

Don’t be surprised if you see some of these once we get to the US, as they have been more frequent. Exact same photos, titles/description, everything.

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I see what y’all are saying but if they submitted again how did they manage to get the pin in exactly the same spot? Glad I have skips to use. I do mark duplicates where the photo and pin are different.

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Awhile ago I had a couple nominations rejected by AI automatically for very valid ones. I just resubmitted them and they sat in voting. Then Niantic approved the originals that were rejected and am waiting on my “duplicates” to finish voting. Could be similar.

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What is the duh for?

It is difficult for me to get the pin at exactly the same point if I resubmit a rejected nomination. I don’t think that was a dumb thing to ask how they managed to submit a lot of the same nomination at precisely the same point.

I only started this post to bring Niantic’s attention to the duplicates. And try to prevent people from not getting credit for challenge votes if that is the issue.

duh is a nasty term that was unnecessary. i expected better from you. turning off notifications.

if i can figure out how

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I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t see it as a nasty term, personally. There are certainly a lot harsher words in our world, and I didn’t mean any ill intent behind it. It’s just that some things can be easy to figure out.

For example, keep in mind that some users may use apps on their phones to help keep track of their submissions, so they know the exact pinpoint from before with these. These may have no connection to Wayfarer whatsoever, or even connect to the Contribution Management page to provide updates on submissions. Maybe said apps add an overlay in the gamea’ maps, which I don’t think they should be using.

I recommend you google the definition of the word “duh”

Words matter, and we should all choose ours very carefully.

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Although that could be beneficial. I would like it if you could input coordinates when submitting. I have had a few “not upload” - fyi for anyone with that the in game support says you get said nomination count back :rofl: <— that is not true.
So then I need to guess, look up on google with my gps coordinates and see something that helps drop the pin, or go back to the location. Satelliate view in some locations is not good. It’s a bunch of blurry stuff.
I accidentally put a trail marker on the wrong side of the road due to this poor satelliate and bad signal while there and I got mismatched location. So I need to resubmit, but due to visibility I have to go back. Otherwise it is a guess. Funny because when I review I just move the marker. It can be seen on streetview, but maybe I am doing that wrong. :person_shrugging:

Try being called every single swear word you can think of when trying to help a customer, then you’ll understand that “duh” is nothing compared to the B word, for example. Or being told to eff off.

See, worse.

I’m not going to argue that there are worse words, but just because something else is worse doesn’t mean that the context in which you used it could, and very likely will, be considered offensive. Saying it’s fine because you’ve been called worse is a cop-out.

You’re wrong. Words matter. Own it and do better. This is on you. I won’t reply on this subject again.

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Like I said, I didn’t say it with ill intent. I’ve never had anyone get upset at me for using it. I apologized, so why did you have to chime in and make things worse for me? How do you thing this makes me feel after apologizing?

Everyone just move on. I apologized, I hoped they would accept, as again, I meant no ill will.

I’m just saying there could be some apps out there that do some kind of tracking, possibly in the background of Niantic apps, to keep track of all submission information. Nothing that I can confirm, but it certainly could be possible.

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Yes, that was my first thought because it makes no sense that people would do this on purpose. It just wastes their time and ours.

Umm anyway, thinking about the submissions I did notice they are not always exact duplicates, some are placed a little distance from the existing wayspot, a few do have the same description, location but different photos.

Most likely it as described above - submissions got stuck forever so people just resubmitted them.

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I’ve not yet seen a duplicate that I’ve already reviewed showing back up, but I’ve seen submissions that I’m currently reviewing that already exist exactly as they appear in my review queue. I’ve kind of just assumed it’s due to the number of people reviewing leading to them still being in queue just after they’ve been approved.

Funnily enough, I’ve also reviewed all those japanese signposts that someone posted above :smiley: