What's your motivation for the challenge?

I’m wondering out loud what everyone’s motivation is for the upcoming Wayfarer challenge?

a. Earning upgrades?
b. Helping to clean up the Lightship Map (edits)
c. Earning personal rewards for other games? PoGo, Ingress, Pikimin, MH
d. Reducing the worldwide backlog?
e. Something else I may not have thought of?

B, C, D, and E here! My E would be “the joy of completing a difficult challenge at a top level” and I’ve yet to achieve that state in previous challenges.


Well, with upgrades being kind of worthless right now, I’d say everything else. My E would be to explore different parts of the world that I’ve never been to, even if it’s just through my computer!

Hi @BlameJamal

At first I do it just for fun :upside_down_face:
My second reason is to clean the backlog.
My secret hope is, that if the backlog is done, my own nominations in future are dealed as quick as @26thDoctor s.

Other rewards? We will see if they make me happy or bored

Hopefully, I saw a huge difference after the UK challenge :crossed_fingers:

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all of the above! e as always is “checking out new spots via unlimited bonus jumping”

I think if the rewards are good enough, I might be tempted to join in, if not, I doubt I’ll be particularly motivated this time around.
Upgrades aren’t useful to me.
Niantic don’t seem to care too much about the quality or accuracy of the map.
Backlogs seem to be shrinking in many areas.
Lacking built in QOL features, clarity of criteria, poor messaging, clunky interface etc, I find the process too much of a chore with little reward these days.

I’m usually excited for the upgrades but don’t really need any at the moment; so maybe the in-game rewards. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that people couldn’t withdraw all these old edits first and probably reviewing a lot unnecessarily.

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