Where is the arena/pokestop?

Only 2 Arena. 3 Never. The gray field show nothing. There was an Raid Arena. Now the Arena is deleted since 3 weeks. First there was one pokestop and one arena. Later the Arena was deleted. The pokestop was the new arena. Because 2 Stops are not allowed in one cell/area. Later number 2 was deleted, too. But where is the first one ? I dont know why. The pokemap said „there is an Arena“! 3 Arena. But I see only 2.

It depends on what you are using to view Wayspots.

On one map I can see 2 arena but on another map I can only see one arena. I think it’s due to map 1 being three times as good as map 2. There is 1 more map that costs 3 pounds and it is 4 times better than map one or two. Three pound is too much for me though the most I would pay for map 3 is one or maybe two.

I don’t think we can help you with why your scanner is counting incorrectly, if that’s the issue :slight_smile: