Who decides the names?

I’ve tried to rename this stop to Nyetimber Stores but nothing seems to happen. Any ideas why?

I want to rename it because;

  1. Technically, it should have originally been named as Nyetimber Post office as it’s in Nyetimber and might get confused with Pagham Post Office which is down the road.

  2. The name outside the shop (as seen in the photo) says Nyetimber Stores.

and most importantly…

  1. The shop has not had a post office inside for almost 2 years.

If you really want to rename it that’s up to you, if you really want to remove it that’s up to you, Niantic or someone else to report it.

Personally I would walk away and forget about it.

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You could nominate the Pagham Parish Council and/or Pagham Community Noticeboard here

Then after the noticeboards are accepted request the ex post office/store to be removed.

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I don’t want it removed, I want it renamed. I’ve always submitted an edit title and description request but nothing happens. I don’t get a reason as to why. Any ideas why it doesn’t change?

No, sorry.

Technically since it’s not a post office any more it shouldn’t be on the map.

It’s up to you though I’m just saying you could nominate the information signs and if the post office does ever get removed there will be another Wayspot/stop appearing in game :slight_smile:


Edits have been backlogged for years. Now that they are shown in your contributions page, you can check on it there. If you have submitted the same edit many times, that may have contributed to the edit never being decided.

If your edit was rejected, you can appeal through help chat from the contributions page until May 15.

But I agree that if it is no longer a Post Office (or never was) then it should be removed, not renamed. Was just trying to answer your question.


Do multiple submissions actually block each other?

One would expect the system to put one submission per some-sized cell into voting, and leave all the other stuff fallow until a decision is reached.

i said “may” because we can’t be sure, but it does appear that another submission of the same kind of edit sends them back into review if it hasn’t been decided.


Wouldn’t that mean that your accidental duplicate edit is going to keep sending the first copy back into voting infinitely?

Help chat is really shooting themselves in the foot if they won’t send these sort of requests to @NianticAaron . There could be millions of them by now.

Why would it be deleted if it’s not a post office? Shops and supermarkets are accepted pokestop categories. I would say local village shops are massive hubs of the community so they are more valid than most stops

Those categories really have nothing to do with eligibility. They are there for the database. So while shops can be eligible — the do still need to be a Great place to socialize, exercise, or explore.

The problem with what has happened here is that something that was accepted as eligible no longer exists. The new place is very different. It should be evaluated on its own merits and not grandfathered in.


No not infinitely. It just gets added to the existing one once.

It was added on its value as a post office :slight_smile:

If you submit the noticeboards you will at least have a replacement if the Spar goes.


Spar is a generic chain supermarket. It doesn’t really meet any of the 3 eligibility criteria (a great place to socialise, exercise or explore). Post offices are eligible because of the socialise category, as whilst it’s typically seen as old fashioned, you can send letters to keep in touch with people. Now that this isn’t a post office, it doesn’t have anything going for it with regards to the criteria, so trying to edit it is the wrong course of action as the others have said.

I personally agree with @26thDoctor 's suggestion of nominating the notice boards as a replacement. They should be a fairly easy acceptance.


Another one agreeing with nominating the noticeboards. In the U.K. it shouldn’t be a problem.
Are there any information boards or any play or exercise equipment on the new estates at summer fields. Planning permission often requires something.

Can I retract submissions / contributions? It looks like I have 11 that are basically all the same going back to July 2023

There is a post that being able to withdraw is on the to do list.

Also I had a thread recently that went into a discussion on changing wayspots to what is currently there and it was frowned upon. Well actually per Niantic it was labelled as “Abuse”. For me it was changing a memorial plaque on a table to the new memorial plaque on the table.
Murals are ok to be edited they said. But not objects. Certain changes with businesses are ok.
For this the post office is gone. So it is no longer there. Technically it is a duplicate of the other or perhaps should have been moved to the other location instead.
Glad others have solved it, but just want to point that out. Since I am now worried about edits. From what I gather if you need to edit the image/title/description then you likely need to remove and re-nominate. Unless it meets criteria in the grey area.