Why was my pokestop accepted but not appearing on the map?

There are two pokestops that are accepted, but do not appear in the game for the community to use. How to resolve this?

Welcome @597911269698

You submit places to be wayspots which may be selected by Pokemon Go to then appear in the game. It is likely that your wayspots have not met the inclusion rules and so wont appear. If you provide the wayspot titles and location (co-ordinates work well) we can have a look to see what has happened.

Think of the Wayfarer map as the blueprint with each Niantic game being a skin on top of that.

Here is an eejits guide to how it works. Not because you are an eejit but because I am…

Here are the rules that the Pokémon Go skin adhere to.

S2 cells

Placa de Homenagem a Natalia Vargas Zardo (-20267066 , -40301723)

Quadra de Skate da Praca Hifi (-20261175 , -40299479)

Placa de Homenagem a Natalia Vargas Zardo is blocked by Faculdade Multivix already taking the cell
Quadra de Skate is blocked by Praça De Maria Ortiz already taking the cell

If all of the locations are already correct, there is no way to get them to the game you play.
This is because, like my fellow ambassador said, some games apply additional rules to what gets included from the database (where your 2 accepted wayspots are), and what doesn’t get included. For both of your nominations it’s that they won’t get included in Pokemon GO.