Would like some feedback on this appeal rejection

Wayspot Name: Lake Acquackanonk Beach
Wayspot Description: Located within the Camelot of Sparta community, this beach on the shoreline of Lake Acquackanonk is open to residents year-round, and provides a beautiful scenic view of the lake to enjoy.
Wayspot Location: 41.054611,-74.570031

I was under the impression that beaches were eligible locations, as even though it is a natural feature it is a dedicated place to exercise, explore and socialize. I even included in the supporting information that there is not a sign place marking this location, however the person who reviewed my appeal seems to be unable to read…
It is very clearly a beach as seen from the photos and from satellite view with a swim platform in the lake. I included an extra photo here showing the tables and fire pit at this location that can be seen (albeit very small) in the supporting photo under the tree.
If parks can be eligible locations without proper signage, I see no difference between a park without a sign and a beach without a sign. Is there anyone I can have from Niantic re-review this submission, or can anyone provide insight into why this was deemed ineligible?

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You could appeal it through the contributions page. I am not sure if any criteria was clarified on beaches without signs. Honestly, I would probably not approve it without signage. I am thinking that either the ML reviewed it or it went to Niantic Voting as when the community reviews things they don’t have that information after.
Is there no sign here? Is this a park or is there a beach access trail marker or sign?

This was appealed. The screenshot shows the message I received from Niantic asking for the sign for the beach, when I have already stated in the supporting information that no such sign exists.

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Oh that is unfortunate. Hopefully someone else can chime in here. I am not sure on the criteria for this.

I would have thought this would be similar to a park without a sign.

I agree that this is a good place to meet all 3 critieria, but it’s hard to get places without signs approved, even when the criteria doesn’t demand a sign.

I think this appeal, like so many, didn’t read the submission in detail, as you’d already mentioned there isnt a sign.

I think if this is a place you visit often you can keep trying, resumbit, tweak photos and wording and eventually you’ll get lucky.and it’ll be accepted.

You can also try submitting the fire pit as a standalone option? Or try to get a good picture of the swim platform you mentioned as maybe that can be used instead of a sign? I don’t know if you fancy a swim but is it possible to get a view from the platform to the beach with both in shot? Or from the bank. Maybe that would work? I don’t know.

Good luck. I like this nomination :yellow_heart:


I wonder if this might be a good nomination to use a photo-collage for the supporting photo. Clearly the reviewers across the board didn’t read the supporting info you gave. Maybe composing a collage consisting of a couple different supporting images that you’ve taken, a screenshot of the satellite view, and maybe a screenshot of county/city/gov website saying this is a public recreation area would be helpful? All of the information in one picture might force them to at least see the information you’ve compiled. I would think this recreation area would qualify under similar criteria to parks without signs…

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I wondered about that too… collage of the fire pit with the surroundings? And yes a web link or screenshot might help

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I prefer your picture with the benches and fire pit. Could you get those with the lake in the background for either main or support?

I’ve always found it odd that I have to go out of my way to make a collage like this rather than just have the ability to add a few more pictures to confirm something or give a sense of the whole area that can’t be appreciated with just one picture.

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I would like more options for the supplementary evidence. Perhaps more pictures, make a sequence at the spot that can be stitched together, encourage use for maps that show the location, or one picture you can take with the geotag confirmation. Allowing for more creativity as to how to convey the location would be good.