Something I'm starting to think I'm missing for supporting photos

I noticed after I got back from this greek pastry shop I love to go to and had submitted a pokestop nomination for it that in the reviews I’ve been seeing, none of the support photos have been from the location of the nomination location looking outward to the surrounding area. I was under the assumption that a supporting photo showed everything that was around a nomination, and that a photo looking outwards from it would show everything in the area you’d be walking by leading up to the spot.

Am I going about support photos wrong? This is the 3rd nomination I’ve done, and I’m starting to second-guess what I thought supporting photos were.

this is a fairly common misconception, and depending on the location it can be fine.

but ideally you want to show the same object that’s in the main photo but zoomed out and at a different angle to show it in it’s context


Alright, good to know for the future, including if I’d need to revise this to make the support photo better.

Do you think it would be acceptable for this nomination? I stood on the front porch of Zukerino looking out to show what the parking lot leading up to it looked like. Tried to get a shot of the sidewalks which were around the Dunkin Donuts right next door to this to show that it’s walkable, but that building kinda blocks the view of most of the sidewalks that extend from the neighborhoods nearby.

Hello! Assuming that you play Pokemon GO, are you on the local discord? Would love to connect with you more directly to answer any questions you have.

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A Discord specifically for Dunwoody-area PoGo, or for PoGo as a whole? I’m on the latter.

Atlanta PGO.

As for this nomination, both satellite and street view are going to save you. They both show where this place is located. If you pinned it correctly, reviewers will be able to see that despite any issues with the supporting photo.

But it’s great that you put thought into how you’re doing this and came looking for assistance!

Im not in the Atlanta PoGo Discord specifically, but now I’m curious. You have a link?

Also, in case you’re wondering, I put the GPS point pretty much squarely in the middle of the Zukerino building:

The supporting photo including the POI is to help reviewers understand its location. As was said, it should not be an issue on this nomination to convince it is where you said it is, the location has pedestrian access, etc. If you have a nomination that is hard to locate on satellite or street view, you can include something in your supporting photo with the thing you are nominating that can be confirmed to help convince it is there and eligible.

I’ve heard it said that the object should be 80% of the main picture, and 20% of the Supporting image. Nothing concrete. All nominations and nominators are different. But a good general rule of thumb.