1 month now and my nomination is still in voting

This is my first time waiting my nomination too long to be approved/rejected. Please help me on this.

Hey there, Upgrade Next is only a function to mark your nomination to receive an upgrade once you earn it through reviewing other nominations yourself. As of now, it doesn’t do anything.

Voting times can differ a lot regionally but anything between days, weeks, months or even years is possible


I have 14 now stuck in voting for months. Nothing is moving in the UK without an upgrade. Obviously no one is reviewing anything anymore :sleeping:

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My most recent accepted nomination took 10 days with no upgrade and no Emily. So things are still moving. That being said, I do have a trail marker and NCN marker that’s been in the system since June 2nd, but I suspect that’s struggling to reach a consensus because of the type of marker it is.

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Yet it shouldn’t struggling because people should know by now footpath and trail markers - be they metal or wooden posts are eligible waypoints and if they don’t like them then it’s tough it’s not just them who play. There are some things I personally don’t like but if they meet criteria I will accept them.

National cycle network is an official biking trail in the UK. Yeah some of the markers aren’t amazing to look at but they do the job of directing cyclists along the network thus encouraging exercise and exploring. That’s all people need to think.


All accepted by AI “The team”


Sure but it also shouldn’t just become automatically accepted.

Otherwise a situation similar to postboxes where the UK hive mind collectively agree that every public footpath is a pass and it becomes the standard to do so


Footpaths are at least more in line with current criteria than postboxes though :wink:

Past criteria too :wink:

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Past critiera at lest mentioned historic significance a bit more heavily? Idk, seemed a bit less of a stretch back pre-pandemic.

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My understanding is that Niantic were very vague when asked about them and the UK took that as a green light to accept and apply a set of rules that made no logical sense.

I think this is the point where the rest of the world get annoyed with us for discussing postboxes :us:


You can’t compare the two. :wink:

Why not?

Postboxes were an easy submission/agreement without any need for a valid description or support.

Public footpaths could fall into the same easy submission/agreement without any need for a valid description or support like you have in yours.

No I haven’t. They are valid.

What are valid postboxes or trailmarkers?

It did get accepted earlier today, so I guess enough people are starting to realise that they do meet the criteria haha

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