3 locations approved stops disappeared?

I am sorry,… but I am done with wayfarer,… I have worked so hard to add stops and gyms,… And now I edited 3 stops for there location, I moved them to the exact location and not near other stops.
All 3 stops are gone now,…!!

Also some random other stops disappeared in the last 3 months,…

It’s just too disappointing,… :confounded::confounded::confounded:

Farewell,… :wave::wave::wave:

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Hi welcome :wave:… And bye?

Why were these needed to be moved if just created? I’m confused… Do you want to share some examples of what was “removed?”

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Can you give us the names and coordinates of the 3 wayspots that disappeared?

Here are 2,… of the 3,…location edits,…

Also,…There are atleast 4 stops that disappeared I have no idea why,… 3 of which were little free library’s which are still there,…


Thanks! I’ll take a look.

You submitted the original Wayspots and then the edit? Were the locations not on the correct location to begin with?

So the phone box is still in the database. Looking at everything, I’m guessing your location edit moved it over the cell border and into an occupied Level 17 S2 Cell, causing it to disappear from Pokémon Go as each Level 17 S2 Cell is only meant to contain one Pokéstop or one Gym.

If you can see either “The 21st Independent Parachute Company” or “British Hospital WW2” in Pokémon Go, then whichever of those you can see is blocking the phone box from being able to be in the game now.

I’ve not checked the other one yet, but I do have my suspicions that when I do, it’ll probably be a similar situation.

Edit: checked the other one, it is indeed similar. It’s in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as both “16. Tulpeboom” and “Mammoetboom”, so again, as each cell is only meant to contain one Pokéstop or one Gym, one of those two will have caused “Nootkacypres” to disappear when it was moved into that occupied cell.

Regarding the Little Free Libraries that vanished, were any of them attached to private residentially properties? That’s the usual reason they get removed.

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