Why did a pokéstop suddenly disappear after I suggested a more accurate location?

So yeah, basically as the title says. I suggested (I’m not sure if I submitted it in game or through the “help” chat in wayfarer) a new location to this pokéstop, as it was definitely not where it was supposed to be:

For context, it was (roughly) in the pin on the right, and I suggested to move it to the pin on the left (where it is irl):

The coordinates are (36.6809424, -6.1356896), if someone is interested.

So… why did it vanish? I’m kind of scared now, as I’ve suggested some other location corrections to some very popular pokéstops and I don’t want my city to lose important pokéstops just because I’m a bit too perfectionist and can’t stand a pokéstop to be quite off centered, hahaha!

It probably no longer meets inclusion criteria.

It looks like you may have moved it from a free cell to here.

If youre making edits to improve the accuracy then this doesnt actually matter. You made it more accurate, goal achieved.

If you only want to make edits for accuracy when they wont make things disappear then you need to be pretty careful and maybe leave some things alone.

Up to you really!


Ah, I see. So in that case one of the pokéstops vanishes? What if there are two pokéstops in one cell as of today and I suggested a new, more accurate location WITHIN the same cell? I’ve done that with probably the most popular pokéstop in my city so maybe my city PoGo community will make ME vanish from this world if it gets removed because of me!

Main thing we cant do is make edits to make things less accurate. Thats considered abuse.

More accurate is fine.

But moving things around in areas where there are other waypoints nearby can often make things disappear from a particular game, make items change etc if you haven’t checked what youre doing.

Again if its just about accuracy of the lightship databse then nothing disappeared and you made the location as accurate as possible so some might consider that a good thing. Maybe not your locals though :wink:

It is often possible on larger items ie buildings, sports fields that several locations are as accurate as each other so location edits are possible maintaining accuracy and also helping things appear. But that is often not possible especially with small items.

If any kind of edit is accepted on any Pokéstop or Gym, and that Pokéstop or Gym would be in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as another Pokéstop or Gym after the edit is accepted (even if the edit isn’t a location edit), then that Pokéstop or Gym will vanish as the wayspot will be updated to conform with the proximity rules of Pokémon Go.


You can only have one stop per cell.

This might help

Personally if I really want to move or have something removed I’ll try and find other things to add in the local vicinity.

I recently had a statue removed which was a gym but also had 7 other things nearby added.

The deleted gym reappeared on the other side of the river where I’ve added probably about 16 things in that cell and I still got a few scowls on a community day :rofl:

Most people are fine and I’m quite happy to tell whoever has a problem that I’d do the same again tomorrow if I want to.

It depends on your local community though. It may be better just to do your own thing and not mention it :slight_smile:

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I see. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s so… arbitrary? I mean, in the case of two pokéstops that are right now in the same cell, for example. If I modify one within the boundaries of that same cell and it just vanishes, wouldn’t it be great if it was asked to the community, or taken the popularity into account? I mean, a PoGo user lightly changes something about a pokéstop and it simply vanishes because it is close to another, not recently updated, pokéstop? I get why it happens, but I wish we could say “wow, did the pokéstop from a palace (or something) just vanish because it has a street sign pokestop near it? Can we choose which one we would like to keep?”

I know there can only be one pokéstop per cell, but sometimes there are two, right? I don’t have access to maps that show both cells and pokéstops, so maybe one of you would be so kind to help me out see what could happen to it.

The pokestop, well, gym, I’m worried about vanishing is this: 36,68154° N, 6,13793° W. I’ve recently added a nice description, some photos and all (and it is still there as far as I can see), and also a very minor location change. Literally like 20 in real life centimeters. It was a little off centered. As you can see, it has a very close pokéstop: 36,68179° N, 6,13766° W which I’ve also very recently updated with a new title and description, and it is still there. Are they in the same cell? In case of one vanishing, would it be arbitrary? Could it be reversed or manually adjusted by Niantic if they consider that one pokestop “deserves” to be there more than other one?

Thanks in advance, and good night to the European people, as it is getting late now.

My understanding is, as they got more experience with the game, and fine tuned the requirements, existing spots were left alone, even they broke the new requirements. But, if anything interesting happens, then the requirements would be revisited any applied.

Now, how they might apply that is probably unknown. Maybe they select the oldest spot. Maybe the one with the most interactions. Maybe they use a random number generator. Any maybe they even change what approach they use for selection over time (again, as they gain more experience).

Plaza del Arenal?

My understanding is that only a location edit will ‘demote’ a stop. I’ve had titles and descriptions changed with the stop remaining.

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Yeah, that one. It’s THE plaza from my city, the most well known and the place people gather the most. If it gets deleted it would be a bummer for sure. I wish I would’ve known that editing its location a few centimeters would delete it. In case it happens I guess I will try to appeal and explain this to niantic support

From my understanding, on occasion ((in the past) there has been two poi that ended up in the same cell and left either two stops, or a stop and gym or in another case it was two gyms. But if any further moves happen then it would be demoted. Technically this new “demotion” would be considered “working as intended” as previously those other issues slipped through.

I had this happen at a local park where a prior move of a stop into a cell with an existing one gave two stops. However, I already had a location edit in to correct something, which was actually quite far off and due to timelines this location change of a stop within it’s original cell made it vanish. Whereas, the previous one that was moved into this cell continued as a pokestop.

I think the last time I had a move that left two poi within the same cell visible in Pokemon was in February.

I prefer accuracy so will move things as needed. You just need to decide it the move is necessary. If the wayspot is already on the object then a move might not need to be done. Unless it is best for safety.

Today I had a playground that was about 8metres away from the actual end of the woodchips of the playground. Without thinking I submitted a location edit, but later looked and turns out the wayspot was a gym in a completely different cell and the move will be into a cell where another stop is. But even if it wasn’t it would likely be demoted. However, for accuracy I am going to stick by that, despite the backlash of losing a small park with two gyms at it.
Plus there are some interesting wayspots in the adjacent area to bring another gym into the area. (However, I just need to build up my nominations again :wink: )

I don’t think trying to move something 20cm is necessary. If something is on the point of interest it is normally considered correct. As a reviewer if presented with a choice of 2 locations that are that close together would essentially look like the same location. I would probably have to choose that I can’t determine the location. So as a reviewer it would feel like an annoyance, and something added to the system that wasn’t needed.
For many objects there are several perfectly acceptable pin positions.
In review you can move the pin position to correct inaccurate locations, but there is a minimum distance where you can’t (I think it’s 3m). I regard that as reasonable.
In Ingress there have been issues around location edits to affect game play.
I would advise that you think carefully about unnecessary location edits that are for pin positions that are considered acceptable.


Yep, now I know. Thank you all for your tips, I’m learning so much here!

Yeah, I wanted to write the same. Why would wayspot be moved like few meters… is it necessary to be that precise? It’s on the same building, is it important if it’s few meters to the left or right…

In my case I don’t think I moved it even a meter, just maybe 50 centimeters or so. I don’t know, I just wanted to perfect it so that it would be perfectly centered, at the time I didn’t realize it could be a hassle to other reviewers, but now I know.

I sent a support request to Niantic providing context and my apologies for the hassle, hoping that the location edit wouldn’t ruin that wonderful plaza for other players in my town.

I would very much like to be able to revoke edits just the same way you can revoke waystop submissions, though. It could save me, the niantic team and other reviewers a lot of time.

This is why it’s best to understand how the “inclusion rules” as niantic calls them, work before touching location edits.

They should really be called exclusion rules though. They’re by far the biggest detriment to wayfarer.


Umm, YES!